Majority of social media networks are earning huge amount of money by selling our email addresses. So, why not we also use these email addresses of people with in our social media networks and make some money by selling them products that they might want.

Once, you managed to build an email list of potential buyers, no one can ever stop you to become RICH without doing any blogging or other technical stuff.

I have made a step by step procedure, so that you don’t have to face any problem at all. Hope it helps!

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First of all, login to your LinkedIn Account.

And then click Contact Settings page.

After that, click Export LinkedIn Connections button as whown in the picture below:

How To Extract emails from LinkedIn

 Also check:

After pressing the button named as “Export LinkedIn Connections” you will land on another page just like the screen shot below:

How To Extract emails from LinkedIn

Now, select Yahoo Mail (.CSV file) from the menu as shown in the screen shot below and press the export button:

How To Extract emails from LinkedIn

After pressing the Export button, you will land on another page, where you will have to submit Captcha for security purposes:

How To Extract emails from LinkedIn

After submitting the CAPTCHA, click continue.

Just when you will press the continue button, your email list will start downloading.

Note: You email list will include, names, email addresses, current employers as well their positions.

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