Do you need emails to advertise your products? Are you facing problems in collecting a list of unique emails? If this is so, then you are at a right destination. So, press your bows and iron your ties as you are soon going to emerge with a successfully advertised and profitable business on board.

Now, stop building castles in air and see how it works.

So, let’s brain storm, what we will learn today in this article:

  1. Exporting commenter’s list in .csv format
  2. Optional inclusion of commenter’s website URL
  3. Discard duplicate email addresses

How to export all approved WordPress commenters’ email:

Refer Pic2:

In order to give it a kick-start, all you need to do is to install a free plugin namely “Commenter Emails”. You can refer to the actual link here:

Once you are done with downloading, you need bring your plugin to life- activating the plugin. Nextly, click on comments > commenter emails and then you will experience a flood gate of all qualified emails opened right in front of you. Additionally, if you want to export the website URL of the commenter, then you should resort to the option namely “Include Commenter Website”.

Secret Trick To Export Email Id's of All The Commenters on WordPress Blog

Now hit the ‘Download’ button and grab a .csv file containing the names and email addresses of all your blog commenters. Moreover, approval of only those emails which are authentic and live on the blog is yet another feather in the hat, which makes your list worth it!

Let the list come into play

At this juncture, an ocean of thoughts might ring the bells in your mind enquiring the use of these lists. You might not know that you can monetize this list. Astonished? It’s not a fantasy but a coy reality.

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Add the list to your email marketing tools:

For instance, I use Aweber for email marketing which lets me import the list as single-opt-in and double-opt-in. Single-opt-in means that no confirmation email will be dispatched while double-opt-in is still a better choice because if you send a plethora of emails at a time to the users who are not following you willingly, you might witness a huge spam rate and a reputable email marketing tool like Aweber could also block your account.

Well! Other way round, you can also use MailGet to open the flood gate of emails to the users. But the plight persists. Again you need to ensure that the email sent is targeted and of a high quality.

Facebook marketing

Email lists can also be utilized efficiently for marketing your brand on Facebook. This feature is known as ‘Custom Audience’ and goes by the selection of ‘create new custom audience’ option. Secondly, you need to upload .csv file and your custom audience is ready to be addressed. Same list can be used infinite times to interact with the people who were associated erstwhile with your blog.

Secret Trick To Export Email Id's of All The Commenters on WordPress Blog

Now it’s the time to bid farewell for now. I hope to see you stepping smartly out of your limousine, since your business is going to attain flying colors now.

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