Fiverr is one of the best marketplaces online where you can sell almost anything you want. To create a Gig, you will require images, videos and a small description.

Gig Images:

Gig images are extremely very important and you can create them easily. I mean seriously, is it that easy?

Umm, well, I do understand that for a common man (who is not a graphic designer), creating and designing Gig images can be a very difficult task, but no worries!

Today, I will tell you my secret trick to create Fiverr Gig Images online without doing much!

Here we go:

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How to design Fiverr gig images online?

Before you learn how to create Fiverr gig images, don’t forget to keep your image resolution as:

Fiverr gig image resolution is 682*459

  • First of All, go to
  • Here, create a banner of resolution (682*459)
  • Keep the background white!
  • Save it on your hard drive.
  • Now, go to or, find relevant images for your gig. Download them!

Now, you will need an online editor where you can put the relevant images you’ve got from Google or Bing.

Online Editors:

There are many online editors available online, but I personally prefer Pixlr Express because it has got some of the best features available like:

  • Attractive fonts, you can use them online
  • Built-in stickers.
  • Attractive frames that give your gig images a better look.
  • A lot of effects for your images.

Just upload 682*459 image on the tool i.e., Pixlr Express

  • Add relevant images, text and stickers in that image.
  • That’s it, your gig image is ready now!
  • upload the image in your Fiverr gig.

Final words

I hope this trick is gonna help you a lot!

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