Earning huge amount of money from Google Adsense can only be possible, if you are gonna work smartly, instead of playing tricks. You also need to make strategies and plans to improve your Adsense income.

You are definitely gonna find so many different ways on the net to increase your Google Adsense income. For instance, using similar colors of your links and blog text, wrapping-up your advertisements along with text, making use of maximum amount of allowed advertisement units, etc. This is true that you are gonna make money by using all these techniques, but that money will only help you to pay your management and hosting expenses and no more than that.

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If you want to earn good amount of money from Adsense, you will have to work with proper planning. Today, in this post, I will be sharing 3 different strategies to earn more with CPC advertisement networks.

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Number 1: Get Traffic from UK, Canada and US with the help of Guest Blogging

Everybody knows that we can get extremely high CPC rates from countries like Canada, US and UK, but the question here is that how can we get traffic from these countries?

Well, you can use Reddit, G+ and LinkedIn to bring traffic from social media websites, but besides that, you should also test my strategy:

Create a list of all the popular blogs that are related to your niche and are getting a lot of traffic from US, UK and Canada. To check, from which countries they are getting traffic from, you can use Alexa stats. Now, start following the list of blogs that you have created, comment on it and also try to build relationship with the owners of those blogs. After sometime, ask them in a very polite manner that can you submit a guest post to their blogs? Once, they agree, you will be able to get your traffic from US, UK and Canada.

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Secret Trick To Boost Your Google Adsense Income

Number 2: You need to do your keyword research in a very smart manner- (Secret Trick)

  • Start doing a keyword research & try to find those keywords that are having low competition without caring about their CPC rates because our main aim is to get organic traffic.(You can also target few high CPC keywords along with the low cpc ones)
  • Write high quality articles to target those (low competition keywords) & smartly use high cpc keywords near your Adsense placements.
  • Targeting (low-competition-keywords) will definitely give you a huge amount of traffic & as far as your income is concerned, making use of high CPC keywords near your Adsense placements will show high paying ads on your blog.
  • By using this secret trick, you can not only boost the CPC of your Adsense, but also the traffic of your blog. isn’t that amazing?

Now, I’m gonna tell you our last, but very important trick to boost your Adsense earnings.

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Launch smart (Giveaways), instead of normal Giveaways

If you want to promote your blog with in a very short time period, you will have to launch giveaways for that. By doing that, you will start getting social likes, new readers, email subscribers & many more things, but you might be thinking that how is it possible to boost your Adsense earnings through Giveaways, well, lemme tell you about that right now:

Start (Guest-posting giveaways) on your blog & select your winners on the basis of maximum number of social shares and comments on the post of guest authors.

How will you get benefit from these kind of giveaways?

  1. Guest bloggers will start writing high quality articles on your blog.
  2. Your blog will get updated very quickly.
  3. Search engines prefer blogs that are updated with high quality content.
  4. You are gonna get high-search-rankings, which means, high quality organic traffic to boost your Adsense income.
  5. Guest bloggers are gonna make their guest posts viral on social media, which means, you will get traffic from many different countries and sources.

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Formula: Huge amount of content + social shares + traffic + readers + ad clicks = $$$$ 

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