As we all know that these days, people are spending more time on mobile, instead of their pc’s, considering that, today, I will be telling you how you can use a watsapp sharing button on your website to get more traffic.

Before coming towards how you can add a watsapp sharing button on your website, lemme tell you some very amazing stats!

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Buzzfeed (Hope each one of you might have visited this site at least once in your life) is also using Whatsapp button on its website and believe it or not, this inclusion is helping them to get even more traffic than Twitter.

In accordance with President of Buzzfeed, Mr. Jon Steinberg :

“Every time we looked at WhatsApp’s numbers, it blew us away“.

Also note that Whatsapp is now available on web, which means that from now on wards, you will be getting traffic from Android users, iOS users as well as Web users! Isn’t that pretty cool?

Plugin for Whatsapp share button (for Android & iOS)

This amazing plugin is not only free, but it also helps you to track how much traffic you are getting from Whatsapp with the help of URL (tracking-via-Google analytics).

Click here to download!

Secret Trick To Add WhatsApp Sharing Button On WordPress

There is a setting button in this plugin, which is gonna help you to add whatsapp button within pages and postsl. Furthermore, you can also make use of a shortcode to add it.

Few more sharing plugins that include Whatsapp sharing button:

Whats app sharing buttons for (non-wordpress) website:

Generator tool (Only works on iOS)

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