Today, you are going to learn, how to start making money by sending emails. If you will just put up some little bit of elbow grease, you are going to learn it very easily. I am even going to show you how to do it while you are sleeping. Yes, you read that correctly, I am talking about an autopilot system.

Remember, We are talking here about a very good money!, how about $100 per day or even more than that?

Check it out:

Newbies Must Do it:

Lets suppose, if you get started with this stuff today, you can start seeing money in your account just by tomorrow, so its very exciting specially, if you are brand new online and have never seen any of this stuff before. I’m going to take approach that you have just walked in to the internet. I am going to break it all in such a newbie level that it might become brainless to you because it really is, so if you have a little bit of experience in this stuff, hopefully you will not get bored because i’m going to break this up for the people who are newbies and that’s what is BloggingHeat is intended for really.

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Why Email Marketing is Important?

Right now, I want to talk about how this whole process actually works, so the first thing that I want to mention here is that you might have seen people mailing promotional stuff to you in your mailbox, have you ever thought, why do they do that? Obviously, because they are making money. I just wanted to tell you this to make you understand that you have also become a victim of some of the email marketing out there, unfortunately. Some people like me think that these people are just wasting time and no more than that, but why would somebody keep sending this stuff while not getting any benefit from it? I mean, does it make any sense to them? Simply not!

Now first of all, to get started, we need to make an email list with the help of a software called as an AutoResponder.

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There are two Major Email Marketing Software that you must try:

  1. GetResponse – Try it Free Here
  2. Aweber AutoResponder – Try it for 1$ first Month Here

In this post, I’m just going to show you how to use GetResponse because this is what I use and I love. When you will Signup, you are going to get a 30 day free trial . Here are the complete pricing details:

Money From Email Marketing


After a 30 day trial period, you will have to invest $15 per month of amount to get 1000 subscriber’s and so on and so on or use Trial account for another 1 Month ;). Trust me, you are going to earn more amount of money in this $15 per month period, so, don’t worry about this small amount at all. In fact, if you start today, you will be making money by tomorrow or with in a week. If you are not making at least a little money, before the end of the week, you must be doing something wrong and you are not taking enough action.

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So, I wanted to point it out that you can get started with GetResponse by making a free account on it for 30 days just by clicking the button as shown in the picture below:

Money From Email Marketing

You don’t even need a credit card for that! Simply click the orange button and you sign up for an account.

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How Email Marketing Works?

So, what is an auto Responder? It just holds a database of email addresses for you and then it allows you to send emails to that list according to your wish, you can also automate that email process. We will get into all that in just a minute. Firslty, let me sign in into my account real quick:

Money From Email Marketing


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And, am going to show you, exactly what I am talking about. so, now you are going to look at my list in the below shown pictures:

Money From Email Marketing


Money From Email Marketing

I’ve got an email list of 7,506 people, which makes pretty good money. I also know guys that have one lakh people on their email list.  just imagine , how much money they would be making. For $100 a day, you just need 1000 subscribers. If you get 1000 good subscribers, you can make $100 a day or even more.

Go ahead and signup for an account, if you don’t already have one. Use a standard gmail account or an email address that comes up with domain(preferred), for example, mine is This just helps to get better no: 1) delivery and gives your customers a better feeling of what you are actually doing by opening up more because they see it coming from a domain, a real business, instead of somebody’s Gmail account.

I hope that you might have understood all the above mentioned points!

How to Create Email Marketing Campaign?

Now, sign in your account and create a campaign as shown in the screenshot below:

Money From Email Marketing


Now, give that email list a name:

Money From Email Marketing

There is already a lot of information on GetResponse on “how to setup an email list” and stuff that’s why, now we are going to look up on a strategy and things like that.

How to Build an Email List?

So, how you can build an email list is going to be first question in your mind, and secondly, How will I get subscribers on my email list. Well, there are couple of different ways, but it all revolves around one thing and that is to create a piece of content and what I mean by that is you are going to create a PDF report or a video or may be an audio recording or something of that nature. You will have to get some content that you are going to teach people with. That’s essentially what you are going to be doing. You just need to get it simple, it doesn’t have to be fancy at all. Just like you are reading this article to learn about email marketing. You can just take one problem and one solution.

Simply, open up your word document and write down 17 pages about something that you know. You can do this with any niche or  any topic you want and it does not have to be related to making money online necessarily, like you might be interested in plumbing, writing, fashion, sports or almost anything you like. Its just that you are sharing knowledge with people in a digital format like “5 tips to play Golf” or “5 tips to catch bigger fish” if you are a fisher man.

You can do two different things with this content:

  1. you can give it away in exchange of an email address.
  2. You can sell it and make a little profit and get that customer on your list at the same time.

After creating a free account on WarriorPlus, you will have to link it to your GetResponse account in Edit Profile Section like this:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

Go to Vendors/Affiliates Integration:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

Now, select GetResponse from the options of New services:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

After doing this process, WarriorPlus is going to ask you for verification’s! Once, its done, you can either use the products of WarriorPlus or make your own. If want to know how to use affiliate links of WariorPlus, watch this tutorial:

How to Use Affiliate Links on WariorPlus Video:

How to Launch WarriorPlus Affiliate Product?

If you want to launch/create your own product, instead of using WarriorPlus Affiliates, follow the steps:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

Give a title of your product and upload it:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

Mention the link of your Thankyou page! You can create on with any hosting.

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

Give your paypal account details in which you will receive all your amounts:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

Set your price:

I will recommend you to keep $7 price of your e-book or anything else that you are selling.

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing


Select your email service:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

Now, select your email list that you have made in GetResponse:

Secret Method to Make $100+ A Day by Email Marketing

To write an email, you will find a detailed description of each and every affiliate product in Warriorplus, you simply need to rewrite it and create your own unique email. You will also find different newsletter formats in GetResponse, where you can make one for yourself.

Its not just WarriorPlus, you can also make use of many other affiliate programs like JVZoo.

You can also setup an autopilot system of sending emails time to time. The entire process is going to work on an automated basis, isn’t that wow!

Note: People are charging hundreds of dollars to teach email marketing, but we simply won’t! If its possible for you to say thanks in the comments section, we would be honored! 

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