You will find 2 kinds of people in this world, one who works hard and the other one who works hard as well as plays smart :). Success only comes to those people who create a balance in between smart work and hard work. I don’t know about other fields, but as far as Internet marketing is concerned, it works great. You won’t believe but there are 100+ ways I know how to earn big online smartly.

Being a blogger, you might be working day & night in the production of brilliant content, drive massive traffic & make enough money from advertisements, but have you ever thought that you can increase your traffic & earnings from adsense with a very simple method? Nope? Is that your answer? Well, don’t worry because today, I am going to share that simplest method, which will help you to increase your earnings and also improve your traffic.

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Benefits of making use of high CPC and Long Tail keywords:

Remember, if your website will start getting targeted traffic, you will start making more income. In a similar way, if you will use more high CPC keywords in your articles, your earnings from Adsense will also increase with the passage of time. Now the question here is how to find Long Tail keywords, which will give you high CPC rate.

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Checkout an amazing tool named as HitTail. This tool will help you to analyze current traffic of your website and will recommend long tail keywords for the improvement of relevancy. Another great tool named as SEMRUSH also helps to find long tail keywords that are having high CPC rates. It hardly takes less than a minute to look for keywords for you.

SEMRUSH is an excellent marketing tool and I highly recommend my readers to use it just for test purpose in the starting and then make a purchase.

HitTail guaranteed keywords suggestion tool help to increase your Search Engine Optimization Traffic.

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Making use of SEMRUSH to find profitable Adsense keyword:

SEMRUSH is a tool that offers some of the most fabulous features. Now let me tell you the way you can find profitable Adsense keywords:

Firstly, you will need following tools at the very beginning:

  • Google Docs spread sheet or Microsoft excel for the management of your keywords.
  • SEMRUSH Account with 14 days of free trial.
  • A list of medium and high authority websites that relates to your niche.

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Secret To Earn $50/Click From Google AdSense

In the next page, you have to click organic keywords-> Full list & it will give you keywords that are giving traffic to (Warriorforum). Now, all you need to do is to sort out list by clicking CPC tab. By clicking that, you will find high CPC keywords in order. The most interesting thing that you will find is that the majority of (high CPC keywords) are long-tail and few of them are having rate of as much as $70+/click.

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Secret To Earn $50/Click From Google AdSense

Now, start making a list of keywords, which are most suitable for your website. Normally, I use Google docs to plan my content. In a similar way, you will have to repeat the process for other list of websites as well and at the end you are going to get the most valuable high CPC Adsense keywords list.

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Do make sure that you also utilize plugins for optimization like “EasyWPSEO” or “SEOYoast” to make yoru content SEO friendly and we are already targetting long tail keywords that are based on targeting niche, there is a lot of chance of your keyword to rank quickly & also get traffic on it. Trust me, this is the fastest and simplest method to increase your Adsense earnings. Also keep in mind that these keywords are providing you traffic from western countries like Canada, US, etc.

By following this post you can increase your earning very quickly. Keep visiting our site to learn more earning methods, meanwhile have a look on this article: Easiest Ways to Earn From Fiverr.

How to use SEMRUSH tool:

Secret To Earn $50/Click From Google AdSense by bloggingheat

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    Hey man,
    Great work with all the information you are giving out here Thank you, do you think i could use fiver for googl adwords clicks as they claim googs cant tell there not genuine clicks and at $50 a click they would soon add up.

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    Hi man your blog is very nice and very informative. After watching just the short video tutorial i decided to try a keyword search and to my surprise i saw a cpc keyword of $292.89. Your blog is unique and i like reading your post.


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