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What are Solo Ads?

To tell you the truth, the concept of solo ads has already been there in the industry of mail orders for last so many decades.

How to Run Solo Ads

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If anybody is looking to send a (sales letter) by post, he or she can immediately go to the (mailing-list-broker), who will provide him the names of  specific people that have already bought or has shown some sort of interest in his sector or an industry relevant for him.

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You will have to pay a lot for every single name & address & hopefully in the end, you will be able to make a (pre-qualified) list of “potential-buyers”. The entire direct-response-industry operates in this way just for a reason that it works for them really well.

How to Run Solo Ads

Solo Ads works in a similar format. There are so many successful business men online that have built a huge list of subscribers and buyers. So, what they do is that they offer people to send their advertisements on their email lists .This is what is called as a solo Ad.

So, if you wanna sell your exercise plan, you will have to look for a website owner, who has got an email list of people that have purchased other (exercise plans) or anything related to that like weight loss products or something.

Trust me! these are extensively targeted ads going to people that are pretty much motivated and ready to take an immediate action. By using this form of an ad, you are not only going to get an opportunity to sell your product, but also get their emails.

If you compare Solo Ads with traditional-mail-orders, they are very cheap because a mail order requires significant amount of printing, postage and labor costs for the purpose of stuffing and addressing envelopes.

As far as the finances are concerned, direct mail needs a lot of understanding regarding conversion rates and margins in order to avoid huge losses, but if we talk about Solo Ads, they just require as low as ten dollars and you are gonna get guaranteed no: of visitors on your website.

With the help of solo ads, you can buy no: of (clicks-through) to your website & that particular ad will keep on running till you reach your target.

The only thing you need to do is to write down an email ad & insert a (landing page) on your site along with an offer on which, you are going to direct your traffic upon.

The Sales Funnel:

Before working on Solo Ads, you must understand its financial aspects.

No matter, what kind of paid traffic you are getting, you have to be very cautious regarding few things.

If you have previously made any sale or done online marketing, you might also be aware of the (number-game).

There will be a small (percentage-of-visitors) that will visit your site and will make a purchase. One more thing that you need to understand is that it depends what your market is and how much you are charging for your service or a product.

You should be having following objectives while running Solo Ads:

  • Add (subscribers) to your mailing list.
  • You need to sell small (volume) of low cost “initial offer”.
  • Build a long term relationship with each and every new customer.

First of all, your main aim should be to make a small bit of profit from your actual ad or even break even and after that, you can start making regular money with the help of follow-up offers. This is why, I totally agree with the saying “The money is in the list

How to Run Solo Ads


Note: If you wanna send visitors to your sales page, a “free offer” link mentioned in your (Thank you email) or through an attachment following subscription will work the best.

Its a sales funnel & you must have (additional & higher-priced offers) to sell to your email list following an initial offer.

Let’s assume that:

1. Your 1st offer was an e-book that you were selling for 17 dollars.
2. You purchased as much as one hundred visitors for 40 dollars to make them an offer.
3. from those 100 visitors, 30 submit their “email addresses” and subscribe to you.
4. 3% converts into buyers and earns you as much as 51 dollars.

Now, you can make (additional-offers) to the people in your email list, along with follow-up mails as it will not cost you anything. Believe it or not, your (higher-priced) follow-up offers are gonna make hundred or some times even thousands of dollars without any hassle.

Even if you only have 1 service or a product, there isn’t any problem. Simply, use your affiliate links to make money.

However, you will not make enough through affiliates in comparison with your personal products, so don’t forget to try using them afterwards.

In every business, marketing and startup costs are extremely very high to acquire new customers, but once you get them, real money comes after that!

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How to find a perfect list?

Now, here comes the most interesting part!

In solo Ads, you will have to ask another person (marketer) to send emails to his email list for you.

Lemme tell you from where you can find those marketers from!

Udimi is the best ever place to look for an email list very easily, but before going towards that, you need to learn few important principles!

The very first thing that you need to do is to look for an email list relevant to your offer. For example, if your offer is related to body building instructional video, you will have to find people that are interested in it.

To find a perfect list of potential buyers relevant to your niche, you should be having following information:

  • How recent that email list has been built?
  • How often this list gets updated with new buyers & when did they last made a purchase?
  • How many buyers have already made the purchases?
  • From which part of the world, the buyers in this email list belongs to?
  • How many times the offers are being sent by the owner?

The reason of asking all these questions is that we want our offer to be as targeted as possible, other than that, the email list should also be updated on a regular basis.

  • Should get lots of “additional-subscribers” every single day
  • Do check that the list has not been bombarded, instead only used for the purpose of receiving (offers).
  • Do check that the people included in this list are the ones that have signed-up for (free & cheap) offers or expensive offers.
  • Remember, your list should not be containing people that mostly respond to (free offers) only. It will be good to make sure first that your list contains real buyers in order to increase the chances of getting more sales.

From where you can find a Solo Ad provider?

  1. Udimi platform helps you to find the most relevant list, but you can also find other places to look for people that can run your solo ads. Lets suppose, if you are offering dog’s training and the the owner of the email sells dog related products, this can become a perfect match.
  2. You can use a search query “internet Marketing” inurl:forum and get some recommendations. As far as Facebook is concerned, there are many groups with the name of Solo Ad Sellers, where you will find people writing testimonials for each other.
  3. Directories of solo ad providers
  4. Warriorforum

Whats gonna be the structure of my Solo Ad?

1 An (email-advert)
2 (Landing page) on your site (people also call it a squeeze page)
3 Sales page of your service or a product
4. Sequence of followup mails to your visitors that have subscribed or made any purchases.

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Visitors will either subscribe to your list or will leave asap.

The ones that have subscribed will check your offer.

Note: Remember, even if they don’t buy anything, you can still offer them something in a followup email, so thank God that you got his or her email address.

You might just breakeven with first few sales or even make some losses, but now you’ve got subscribers with whom you can buildup a good relationship and make money by including them in your (sales-funnel).

How the Solo Ads actually work?


1. Select a landing page or create it by yourself
2. Write down a small email (Purpose whould be only to sell a “click”)
3. Find an email list provider relevant to your niche.
4. To track whats going on, use bit.ly link shortner
5. Book a solo ad with the email list owner.

Note: An email ad should be having a link that leads to your landing page and from (landing page), to your (sales page).

If you wanna learn how to write a solo ad, click here.

On what basis will you get paid?

You might get a fixed price or a (performance-based-agreement) based on:

  • pay per click
  • pay per sale/conversion
  • pay per open

Where will my solo ad send visitors to?

It will be one of your landing pages like this:

How to Run Solo Ads

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