In this case study, I will tell you how I managed to get Facebook Likes, fans and web traffic at a price as low as 0.01 cents

These are kind of results that I am talking about.

Check it out:



When I started out, it was incredibly difficult to get these kinds of results and this is how I got success:

Remember, you can get amazing results on almost any page. It doesn’t matter, if its an engineering company’s page or a medical related page.

Sun Tzu says:

“Subdue the enemy without fighting.”

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This is the principle that I’ve used to get these kind of results. The enemy in this case are other advertizers on Facebook. I don’t want to fight with other advertizers on Facebook. I want to get all kinds of people to see my ads for free. This is how we can subdue the enemy without fighting.I don’t have to fight with other advertizers because I don’t have the budget to sit there and compete with Cocacola or other biggest companies of the world.

I find people that no one thinks to target, for example, India, Albania, Nepal, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, I love you guys! I have shown millions of ads in your countries and you engage with the page, you participate and when most of the advertisers ignore you, I am out there, trying to give you ads that are more interesting. This is how I get these kinds of results.



How to run Facebook ads cheaply

These countries have massive populations. 18 million people in this case that I targeted. Now look at the kind of results that you can get out of it. 60 thousand page likes. This was the campaign that I showed you above. These target only English speaking people who like Christianity, which for a faith based initiative for the page is exactly what I was looking for.

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How to run Facebook ads cheaply


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$4.71 cents spent, 3824 Facebook page likes. From where else you can get those results with that kind of money? Continuing on an another kind of campaign. This is the actual ad campaign I ran to promote this event. You can see $0.07 cents per event response. I feel bad for the other advertisers out there with small events spending 1, 2, 3 , 5, 10 dollars to get just one person to attend their event.

How to run Facebook ads cheaply


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I thank you guys in Argentina, Bangladesh, Serbia, Vietnam, Romania, Algeria, Egypt, Cameron, Kenya, Nepal, India and Malaysia. They have come to my event at 7 cents per event response, I think you are just as valuable as people in other parts of the world, while most of the other advertisers don’t share this opinion and this is where it costs them a lot. They have small events, no one likes to go to. I thank all of you to participating in my event. Take a look at this ad. Its nothing crazy or complicated, fairly straight forward. 0.01 cents online advertising, this is what we are here to learn.

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That is using a stock photo, to ensure I don’t have any copyright issues, which is important when you are showing lots of ads.  One more interesting thing about it is that it has all the English languages targeted with marketing and advertising. Pretty straightforward.

How to run Facebook ads cheaply

Here is another campaign. 701 event responses. This is the aggregate total of another event promotion campaign for the exact same webinar. Only 52 dollars and 10 cents. Most advertizers will have to spend anywhere around 200 or 1000+ dollars. You can use same methods and make your events a lot bigger. Lets move on, Most of you I think are looking straight up to page likes. Page likes are the basic foundation of building any good brand on Facebook.

Trick To Get Low Cost Facebook Likes:

How to run Facebook ads cheaply


These are the kind of results you want to get. 58 dollars spent, 19,502 page likes, a half million ads shown.

How do you do this?

How to run Facebook ads cheaply

Well, First of all, you just need to make an ad campaign and add lots of different ad variations. You should never have just one ad in a campaign unless you are testing a whole lot of different campaigns.

How to run Facebook ads cheaply

Aww, did I mention that this is for my new company page?

This is for my new page, I wanted to be able to post pictures of my dogs on my new company Facebook page. Why? because I wanted to show my dogs off. So, here’s the ad that I made. Like cute dogs? is a simple question. We post pictures of cute dogs for you to enjoy and look there is a stock photo of the dog there and I have hardly spent anything on this campaign and still I’ve got 36,097 likes on it, which is more than 99% of social media management and online advertising companies.

How to run Facebook ads cheaply

I’ve spent less than a hundred dollars and I have a giant facebook page that am not even using yet and hello, If you will visit my page, this is my puppy on the upper left and here are both of my dogs down there in one of the recent photos. I think that they are very happy that they’ve got few hundred lkes on the last photo that I posted and I love every one that went there and liked it. so, thank you guys and if you want to like my dog, you can join 36000 another people.

How to run Facebook ads cheaply


Just look at the countries, Page likes and the engagement I’m getting from these countries.

How to run Facebook ads cheaply


Yes, you are reading that correctly, this is how much I have invested to get 9,690 page likes. Isn’t that awesome?

80/20 rule

  • 80% of people do one thing.
  • while 20% of people do another thing.

There are lots of huge hidden opportunities. Most people in their work day do their 80% of work in 20% of their time, conversely, they spent 80% of their time doing 20% of their work. So, this 80 20 rule highlights the opportunities and habits. In this case, 80%+ advertisers target 20% of the audience! This means a vast majority of advertising companies on Facebook and on other online advertising platforms generally are being fighting against other advertisers, for example, in Google, lawyers and insurance agents often pay keywords 50 to 100 dollars high. They sit there and fight over the same keywords to the exact same people. Meanwhile, 20% of advertisers target 80% of the audience, which is extremely beneficial. I am also from those 20% people. I target the hidden opportunities, I target the Facebook majority instead of the minority.

How can I benefit from a large audience?

Macklemore says:

“One man’s trash is another man’s come up!” and that’s the key line here.

Remember, when ever anybody visits your facebook page, he or she is going to look for engagement and likes that you have got on it. If its more in comparison with other company pages, a person will surely trust you more. Besides that, its not just about trust, lets suppose, if a billionaire in India looks at the ad of any Travel company in US and books a vacation from it. Trust me, these are the countries from where you can find some real good sales.


  • Small Competition At An Extremely Low Rate!
  • Also Target Countries Other Than US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA AND SINGAPORE!
  • Use Simple Questions In Your Ads Like: Like Cute Dogs?
  • Don’t Use Pictures Of Attractive Girls
  • Use Photos That Are Not Copyrighted


Don’t you ever try to use pictures of attractive girls in your ads because people are no more interested in these kind of things. They look for extreme professionalism these days.

Like this one: 

How to run Facebook Ads for as low as 0.01 cents and get massive results?

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