You people might have noticed one thing on Facebook that when ever you start searching for any specific product, like its page or perform other activities that some how relates to that product, an ad would appear in front of you about the same product. Is that a MAGIC?

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Well, its not a magic, instead, its called as RETARGETING AUDIENCE. Believe it or not, it is the most powerful and important feature that Facebook gives us to capture target market. If you still don’t understand what I am talking about, go and check it yourself. Try searching for any product on ebay & just when you are going to browse your Facebook profile again, you are gonna see the ad of the same product that you were searching on ebay.

Now, lemme tell you how this EVIL GENIUS thing actually works with the help of Facebook Custom Audience pixel.

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You are definitely going to ask me first that how does Facebook Custom Audience Pixel actually works?

Custom Audience pixel is always activated when someone visits a website on which the code has been installed. Just when pixel gets activated, an (event) is being sent to (Facebook-servers), which includes, general info regarding the “browsing-session and page URLS” After that, events are being compared with (audience-rules) that are created by the advertiser.

To create (Custom-Audience) from your site, you will have to take 3 primary-steps.

  1. Install the (Pixels)
  2. Configure (Audience-rules)
  3. Make an advertisement for (Your-audience)

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In SIMPLE words!

Facebook is going to provide you a code, which you need to insert on your website. After inserting it, when ever any Facebook user will visit your website, his or her name will be stored in the custom audience pixel list.

Step 1 – Make your “custom audience pixel”

Facebook Retargeting Audience With FB Pixel

Step 2 – You need to install “custom audience pixel” on your site!

Facebook Retargeting Audience With FB Pixel

Step 3 – Make use of Pixels in your “custom-audience-AD-campaign”:

Facebook Retargeting Audience With FB Pixel

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