There are many ways of earning online; and writing is one among them. People who write blogs are actually writing it on purpose and whose consequence is to earn. Thus, blogging has become a business and your readers are your customers. Keeping an eye on your audience interest will not only aid you to earn but rather it will save your energy and of course time. Now, the question arises what kind of articles you should write that will attract people to read your material? So the answer to this question is you have to be smart enough to search or to use those keywords which are searched more often and offers low competition.

Search Analytics An unexplored (Feature-of-Search-console)

  • I’m 100% sure that you all must be having an account on Google search console and you also must have used its feature named as Search Analytics (beta). This cool feature can give you a brief overview of keywords, clicks, impressions, an average position of your site’s compatibility to keywords in Google search results and will also help you to get an idea of how the keywords that you’ve used have effected your site’s result even if no one has ever clicked on your site.

Amazing Trick To Findout Profitable SEO Keywords

  • The first thing you need to do is to click on “search analytics” icon present under the umbrella of “search traffic”.

Amazing Trick To Findout Profitable SEO Keywords

  •  This will enable you to select clicks, impressions and CTR. You can click on impression and CTR while leaving others unchecked. Then you need to click on download button so that your things can be saved on Google docs. The importance of exporting your very own data is to have an analysis that will aid in discovery of new keywords. Now, you just need to open the available data and check the impressions. For your ease just try to discard the data that have low impression count because those keywords are not just worth it.

Amazing Trick To Findout Profitable SEO Keywords


  •  Again for your convenience you can make a sheet that will help you to sort out keywords that have highest to lowest impression; this way you will be able to choose keywords accordingly.


  • Start discovering new words: Begin with top 100-200 words. This way you will be able to highlight many keywords that are directly or indirectly related to the topics of your site. You may also find those words that are not related to your work but people have searched those and ended up on your site. This is usually seen when people search using those keywords whose relevant articles are very low. Thus, in order to fill up that space Google will show your site in the content box in spite of having very low relevancy.

To sum up I would just like to say that keywords contribute a lot to your work as this very small words is itself strong enough to give reader an insight of what actually is present in your article. Choosing correct words at correct time is crucial to increase traffic to your site.

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