Postcron is one of the best Auto Scheduling Web Based CMS and Mobile Based App for multiple Social Media accounts to engage more audience in less time which was a hurdle since many years! But worries have been overcome, now Postcron Auto Scheduling is a solution for that.

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Here you can publish the posts either its text or images, videos or links. It works for almost all social media posts like facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram.

Postcron is such a web service where you can connect freely to schedule updates. In free version, you can have up to 15 social media accounts and 10 pending posts. You can also schedule your more post, once they are published, then you can also schedule 10 more and keeping so on.

You can boost up your digital audience more and more. Like any other app it is more specialized and easy to use.

Checkout some useful PostCron features:

Multiple social network profiles:

You can add multiple social network profiles and publish on them at same time.

Setup your predefined publishing times:

You can setup predefined posts publishing timing in different social profiles so you can save your time by setting up time while scheduling each time for every post.


You can predesign and set the watermark for every image you upload in each social profile.

Regular Scheduling:

You can schedule any post any time you want on different social networks and profiles similar like you schedule posts in Facebook Pages.

URL Shortening:

You can also connect your account which will create auto URL shortening to your posts.

Team Members:

You can add multiple team members in your account who can also avail the same features you got.

Bulk scheduling:

Bulk Uploading is main feature where you can upload multiple images, posts using CVS file or put individual posts in queue one by one using already defined schedule times.

Contents recommendations:

The best feature I enjoyed is contents recommendation where you can search any relevant content for your social media niche and publish or put in queue.

PostCron support team is very active which is ever ready to help you for any issue.

There are still many more features and tutorials we will keep updating here soon.

For free signup, click here:

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