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Rome CD Single My World Indie R&B New Jack Swing


Native Black CD Album Native Black Indie R&B


Split Personality CD Album So Many Styles Indie R&B


Stephanie CD Single Romeo Indie R&B


Touche CD Album Lady Luck Indie R&B New Jack Swing


Miyon CD Single Don't Cry Indie R&B


Indie Rock 12” Single Lot Felt The Go-Betweens Candy Skins


Tu Luce CD Single A Taste Of Real Love Remix Indie R&B


Of Age CD Single Your Smile Indie R&B


One Accord CD Single I Gotta Love + It Must Be Love Indie R&B


64 CD Lot Rock Indie Alternative 


Indie 12” Single Lot Close Lobsters Lloyd Cole Grant McClennan


Gentlemen X CD Album Smooth & Soft Indie R&B


Imagine CD Single Don't Say Goodbye Indie R&B (Kenneth Mangram)


Peace By Piece CD Album It's Been So Long Indie R&B


Renaizzance Promo CD Single Committed Remix Indie R&B


Nas-T CD Single Lovers Lane Indie R&B


SNIY2K1 CD Album Slam 'N Industry Year 2001 Indie R&B


Tony Guy & Neat CD Album It's Real Indie R&B


One Wish CD Single Boo-Ba-De-Boop Indie R&B


Of Age CD Single Sweet Love + All My Love Indie R&B


Twin CD Album Twin Indie R&B


Destiny CD Album Long Time Comin Indie R&B


2GM CD Album Timing Is Everything Indie R&B


Devon CD Album It's My Nature Indie R&B


Shorty CD Single Somebody's Been Sleeping With You Remix Indie R


Steve Ivory CD Album Fantasy Indie R&B


Michael Hall "Shade" CD Album Player Turn Lover Indie R&B


S.D.R.J. CD Single Longer, Stronger, Harder Remix Indie R&B


Bestman Promo CD Single Miss You + Lose Control Indie R&B


R.A.W. CD Single Hit Me On The Phone Remix Indie R&B


In The Flesh (ITF) CD Single Can I Come Over? Indie R&B


24 Karat CD Single My Time Is Your Time Remix Indie R&B


Terrence-T CD Album A Lover & A Friend Indie R&B


Rafiki CD Single Would You Be My Girl Indie R&B New Jack Swing


H20 Phlo CD Album H20 Phlo Indie R&B


Ja'Ray CD Album Being With You Indie R&B New Jack Swing


Terrion CD Album Straight From The Heart Indie R&B


Reign CD Single What Must I Do Remix Indie R&B