These days, people are making a lot of money with the help of Facebook pages. They do not even need any website for that. Its just their Facebook page and affiliate links that helps them to generate income.

Here are some important techniques to get unlimited fans on your Facebook Page easily:

  1. Create a Facebook Profile with a good looking picture of any Celebrity or Female along with a nice name.
  2. Visit lots of Facebook pages and start commenting. (That you are looking to target).
  3. Some of the best niche are muscle building, snoring, weight loss, acne, relationship, fat loss, etc.
  4. Also like some big random pages & start commenting on them.
  5. Get your self engaged in the conversations with other people via commenting on your page related niche.
    • In a very short span of time, you will be bombarded with lots of friend requests.
  6. Once, you have reached 5000 friends, visit this link: and migrate your fb profile in to a fan page.
    • After converting your profile into a fan page, you have now become the owner of a page that has got 5000 fans in it.

What Next?

7. Go to page settings and add your original profile as Admin.

8. Now, click on your page name to use it as Facebook profile (See screenshot).

fb page likes

9. Now search different big pages relating to your niche and repeat step #4 and #5.

How to increase Facebook FanPage Reach?

To get maximum engagement on your page, keep it updated all the time by posting different stuff, using Facebook apps, giving freebies to your fans, etc. However, we will add some tricks about how to keep updated your Facebook Fan Pages easily.

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How to monetize your Facebook page?

Once, you have got 20 to 30 thousand fans on your page, you will also start getting different sponsors. for example, you can charge people to put their company’s ad in the form of your status for $5 or even more.

I have also earned good amount by monetizing my facebook pages. For example, one of my pages that I made on iPhone 5, I am earning through Amazon and CPA offers on it and frankly speaking, these offers are working really good for me.

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