A domain name is the dominant part of a company’s online identity. A well thought name for a domain, can put your online website right into the driving seat, thus generating a greater amount of traffic and creating a long lasting brand value. However, finding just the right name for a domain may not prove to be a laidback task. Given the fact that thousands of online competitors are jostling around the internet, in order to establish their reputation, picking out a name that stands apart from the crowd is certainly not going to be easy.

However, going through certain aspects of picking out a good name for a domain may ease out this process for you. Mentioned below are 5 steps that will assist you in finding the best domain name, for the domain of your online website.


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5 Steps to Selecting a Name for a Domain

Check Out the Availability

The availability check will narrow down all the names that you can use for your domain. Make sure, you have run through a diligent background check, in order to evade any future copyright complications. There are certain names that are registered by companies in order to protect them from being exploited. Therefore picking out those names will invite lawsuits that need not to mention, can prove to be disastrous. Even you have set your mind on a particular name, it is better to let go off it, if it is already registered.

Figure out the Relation with the Industry

The name of a domain should exude the nature of the business. It should directly be related to the brand or industry an establishment is into. For instance, established names such as Amazon have their domain named as Amazon.com. It makes easier for the consumer to get access to these portals. However, if a business is relatively newer, picking out a name that relates to the industry, might just work wonders. If the domains are named in such a manner, the customer will get an idea of the exact nature of your online venture.

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Cut Down on the Length

Web visitors find it tedious to type in a long website name. They tend to act as effort savvy and avert from websites that allow access, after entering a long website name. A shorter name for a domain on the other hand enhances the chances of memorizing it and making less spelling errors while keying in the name. This in-turn gives way for improved traffic figures of a website.

Prefer the Dot Com

Most internet users have an assumption that almost all the online websites, end with a dot com extension, which is the reason why they use ctrl + enter more often. It is therefore, recommended to resort to dot com extension for an online website in order to leverage this detail. However, dot com extensions tend to be on the costlier side, therefore, you can use some other extensions such as .info, .org or .biz as well. These extensions can be picked depending upon the nature of an online website.

Go Easy on the Name of a Domain

Selecting a name for a domain, with a rather complicated and out of the blue approach may sound appealing and unique at first, but in the long run it will definitely not prove beneficial for an online website. People tend to remember easy names that they can recognize, remember and recall at will. Therefore, go easy while choosing a name for domain, as complicated names are not appreciated by the user.

After you have chosen a proper name for your domain, it is time to look for some companies that will do domain name registration. There are several online service providers that provide domain registration in India. You can pick the one of your choice, and start with creating a reputed image of your website on the virtual landscape.

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