Monetization of a blog is not only the best way of earning money online, but it also pays you off for having quality skills. Monetization of a blog or a website can be done with the help of advertisements, however, Google has now introduced another amazing way to monetize your blogs in the form of Google Consumer Surveys.

You can also create an account for your site on Google Consumer Surveys Publisher Network.

Wanna know how it actually works?

check it out:

What are Google Consumer Surveys?

Lets assume of a website on which you have to pay to get an access. Your viewers will just be required to fill out very short surveys in order to get access to your content. What these surveys will do is that it will help you to earn money on every single answer of the question.

These days, many websites are making an addition of a paywall to their posts. It means that you have to pay a subscription fee, a onetime fee, or watch videos, etc. Just look at Wall Street Journal website to get an idea, what i am talking about.

Google Introduces A New Way To Monetize Your Blog

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Google Consumer Surveys works in a same way as paywalls does because it also block viewers to look at the content.

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How much potential it has got?

Currently, the creators of surveys(e.g advertizers) have to pay charges of as much as ten cents for every single survey, out of which, five cents goes to the owner of the website. So, its a 50/50 sharing of revenue between publishers and Google. Now, it all depends on you, how you plan a strategy to make people signup for the surveys.

More traffic=more earning potential

Just assume, if only 20% people of 100k per month visitors signup your surveys, you are gonna get $1000 per month of revenue! isn’t that awesome?

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Note: Firstly, you need to become eligible in order to get accepted for this cool looking program.

Requirements of Google Consumer Surveys:

  • An Adsense account with a decent standing
  • Good amount of visitors.
  • You need to follow the Publisher Program Policies of Google.

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US publishers have already started working with Google Consumer Surveys, however, UK Canada are soon expected to get started with it. If we talk about the rest of the world, more countries will soon be added in this program by Google.

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