I have already shared Facebook PVA Method on BloggingHeat, but unfortunately, it’s not working anymore, so here is the new secret method to bypass Facebook Phone Number verification easily.

1) First of all, open Facebook.com and fill the signup form as usual, in Email field, use any temporary Email ID from the domain names as below.

FB Signup

  • @fb.me
  • @nat.com
  • @tfbnw.net
  • @tfbnw.net
  • @fin1te.net
  • @fbrell.com
  • @fbsbx.com
  • @thefacebook.com
  • @thefacebook.com
  • @facebookmail.com

As you can see above filled form, I don’t own any bloggingheat@fb.me Email ID. S,o you can put any name under above domains.

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2) Skip the next step.

fb account script

3) Your account is not active without any kind of Phone verification :). Here is the most important part!

Click on Change Email Address as shown in the screenshot.

fb confirm email

4) Enter any Email ID you own or check this trick to Create Unlimited Accounts using 1 Email ID.

fb bypass phone

4) Now, click on Confirm Now button and a popup will be visible. Login your Email account.

fb bypass verification

5) After getting logged in, Click on Accept button as screenshot below.

facebook phone verification bypass


6) Finally you will see an Account Confirmed message from Facebook. You have now successfully bypassed Facebook Phone Verification security.

You can use it as long as you want.

bypass fb phone


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17 Responses

  1. Atif Imran

    Thank you very much for sharing a trick to get 50$ free FB coupon. I don’t believe in such tricks. For the first time, I tried and got a 50$ free coupon.

    Best regards and sorry for my poor english

      • Giorgi Zedginidze

        Hi, thank you for your amazing trick (trick to get fb voucher) Now they started block new accounts so you don’t know any other trick or trick to register on that web-page? And one more questin please…. In which country is that company head officr? If you know? Many thanks ror your postes.

  2. Prince Muzmil

    bahi ye trick work ni kar rahi bas 1 account bana ha es sy… bad me phir wohi haal…

  3. Anup prabhakar

    bullshit! after u send friend req to 5-6 ppl again u get block! that time when u login it ask for phone

  4. Usman Ghani

    shezz bhai any trick to bypass mobile verification security check ?
    if you have multiple accounts then fb always ask for mobile verification, and we only have 2 or 3 mobile numbers….

  5. Yahuza

    After i filled the signup and then i signup it goes to phone number verification.what can i do?

  6. Courtney Slepko

    Not working. They ask again and again when I login next time! When put my phone number then they will back to bother me the following month with the request of a new mobile phone number …

  7. vpaka26

    It’s working. Important!! you can only make 1 or maybe 2 accounts so when you want to make another make sure you dont have more accounts there.

  8. Joyel

    Thankyu soo much dis s the first tym a trik is workin fr me.,,
    And dudes who still can’t bypass verification pls use opera browser and cc cleaner and also delet cookies every tym .,, (tor browser also works fyn.,

  9. ashifaf

    hi dear, if you need facebook and tinder phone verified account, please contact me on skype: (ashifaf.skype).Thanks


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