Internet is currently facing abundance in the number of available top level domains or domain extensions. This situation is increasingly making it difficult for a majority of website owners to undertake the process of domain name registration.

Most of the people find themselves in a tight spot whenever they are confronted with the task of choosing a domain name for their website. Furthermore, which extension to choose; complicates the situation even more. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to bear a clear stance on the process of domain name registration, so that it is undertaken in a smooth manner without many complications. Here are some do’s and don’ts in domain registration, you must consider prior to registering your website.

Some Must to Consider Do’s and Don’ts Prior to Domain Name Registration

Some Don’ts First

Don’t Create a Domain Name Comprising of More than 3 Words

People love a website that doesn’t entail much effort on their part while opening or browsing it. Keep this in mind and always try to name your website in simple, short and rather memorable terms. Try to wrap up the name of your website in less than three words so as to grab instant attention of the customers. Websites like YouTube and Google bear a short name which is the prime reason why they are so much popular.

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Don’t Use Hyphens in the Name

Inserting hyphens in the name of a website will attract unnecessary effort on your customer’s part. This will certainly reduce the credibility of your website that is not at all desirable for a website owner. Therefore, make sure you don’t use hyphens while naming your website.

Don’t Insert Numbers in the Domain Name

Associating websites with number is most certainly not a great idea, especially when people have so much trouble memorizing their own phone numbers. Therefore, a website with a number will be difficult for them to remember that will induce an aversion in them from your website that is again highly undesirable.

Let us now talk about some Do’s of domain registration.

Some Do’s of Domain Registration

Create a Name that is Similar to Popular One’s

While some people might interpret this suggestion into copying the name of popular domains, this is not the case most certainly. Take cues from other popular names that have already cemented their stance in the online marketplace and try to come up with a name that is capable of generating some waves in the industry.

Induct Popular Web Words

There are many popular web words that float around the internet. These words have the capability of ranking a website among the top position on a search engine result page. Online, internet, and web are among such words. Associating the name of your website with one of these words can improve the visibility of your website substantially.

Choose a Correct Domain Extension

Dot com domain extension is indeed among the most popular of the lot. However, choosing a dot com extension with your desired name can prove to quite tricky here, since websites with dot com extension are abundantly prevalent over the internet. There are several other domain extensions to choose from that can enhance the visibility of your website among prospective customers. To name a few, dot info, dot org, country specific TLD’s etc.

Above mentioned are some of the do’s and don’ts that you must take under due consideration prior to domain name registration, so as to ensure registering a website that is highly visible on the internet and is capable of attracting a significant amount of customer attraction.

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