Products related niche sites can earn you a lot of money, if you do a proper research on it, however, if we talk about Google adsense ads and few others, they can ban you any time they want. Affiliates on the other hand, are very easy to use and doesn’t involve many strict rules in it.

You just need to follow below mentioned important points to start making some quick money.

1. Niche:

If you are new to SEO, you might have heard that you should find a perfect niche for that, etc. Well, its all over hyped, you don’t actually need to have a niche. You are just required to have a high converting product that can make money for you.

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2. Finding Affiliate Products:

You can find products from any affiliate market place like clickbank, offer vault, odigger, moreniche, etc. Simply, select at least 5 products of same kind.

How To Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

3. H0w to purchase a domain for Product niche related sites and how many articles you will have to write?

Purchase a domain from our discounted cheap domain  and hosting offer and it will be good if your domain will speak about the product that you are going to sell. For instance, Fat loss Factor keyword needs a domain like I hope you might have got the idea that i’m trying to explain you. Besides that, don’t index your domain until you finalize your content.

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Write down at least 5 articles on your site, schedule them for 3 days by using wordpress scheduling.

4. Social Bookmarking:

After finalizing the content, make your domain live and start bookmarking in the form of facebook likes, twitter retweets etc. Try to socialize your site as much as you can. If you want to do social bookmarking in bulk, try purchasing a $5 social bookmarking gig on Fiverr.

5. Drive Traffic from Youtube:

Create a simple video of 1 or 2 minutes and drive traffic from Youtube to your site. Your affiliate links must be in place, so that traffic can convert.

6. Get Your Free Heatmap:

Use crazyegg to check your heat maps. This is important to know where your user clicks on your site. In this way you can place your links at the same spot.

7. Ranking and Traffic analysis:

Also check the ranking position of your site in Google Webmaster Tools and traffic in Analytics.

8. Indexation:

After 2 or 3 weeks, all your posts will get indexed and once, they are indexed,  that’s the real time to hit the iron as it is hot now.

9. Web 2.0 links:

Create at least 10 to 20 web 2.0 links by writing Google news in it that relates to your product with a credit link at the bottom.

10. Backlinks:

Try to get a backlinks from any high pr site after a week and then repeat the step 9 again. When all your posts have been indexed, create a post on any web 2.0 website by using unique content that is also human readable. Only put 3 links in your post, one to your site, 2nd to any high authority site related to your niche (must be at bottom) and 3rd to google plus profile link. You can make a fake profile link for it.

Remember: Your main keyword link must be used only 2 to 3 times from 20 web 2.0 and all properties must be dofollow and indexable.

11. Buy web 2.0 backlinks from Fiverr:

Buy some backlinks for your web 2.0 sites from fiverr to create tier 2 links.

Now wait and watch the game as this can easily rank your site to page 1 in 2 to 3 month time for a medium competition keyword.

Earn profit and repeat the cycle again!

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