There are so many paid themes you can find free on internet but you don’t know most of them comes with hacked codes inside .php files, so after installation, you might lose it after  a very short span of time.  To avoid this, there are some amazing tools to avoid this disaster.

Check it out: This particular website will check if there is any malware, website errors, out of date software or blacklisting status on your site.

securiy sitecheck With the help of this website you can find out if there is any malicious scripting in your website.

unmaskparasites This website also helps to detect if there is any malicious files on your website, However, you will have to delete them manually.

exploit scanner plugin

Normally, People do not check these kind of things because of which, they lose their data as well as a the website theme. It’s necessary for each and every individual to make sure that his website is not having any bug whatsoever.

If we talk about wordpress themes, you will find lots of them on the net, but the problem with them is bugs and viruses.  People try to hack premium themes that are present on and other popular theme providing websites, as a result, any virus on the net can harm your website very easily.

Before installing any plugin or theme on your wordpress, always make sure to check it. If you will not do so, you will face the following problems:

  1.    Website loading slow
  2.    WordPress dashboard speed slow
  3.    WordPress editor not loading properly
  4.    Widgets not working properly

You might be thinking that why not use Blogger instead of WordPress, well, do keep in mind that Blogger can remove your website from their database whenever they want. So, it’s extremely dangerous. The only option you have is to keep using WordPress, no matter what happens.

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