Apple is about to launch another amazing feature i.e. “Apple News” with iOS9 that will be similar to Flipboard, On this platform, bloggers will be able to publish their personal/official channels, blogs and websites to get 1000’s of views from iOS users with a slight effort.

No matter you are an individual blogger or a news source, you just have to do a simple sign up and follow the below mentioned instructions:

For your convenience, I am going to list down all the steps down here.

Step 1:

Go to the home page of Apple News Publisher and click on Sign up for News Publisher beneath to get started today.

Step 2:

Now, click on continue button to get sign up for Apple News Publisher. However you can also sign in if you have already got an Apple id.
Step 3:

After getting logged in to the Apple News publisher page, you will be asked to enter the publisher’s information to proceed further.
Step 4:

Next step is to setup your channel that actually means you have to write your blog/website’s name and other required information. Click submit to proceed further.

You can also customize your channel/blog through “specify territories” to make it available specific zones. Click on submit to move forward.

Step 5:

This step is to add your RSS feed. This can help you to provide the main content for your channel.

Click on next and now the last step is to insert your brand logo with the following requirements:

  • Full-color transparent PNG
  • Required height: 256px
  • Recommended width: upto 2048px
  • Maximum width: upto 2560px
  • For logo guidelines, click here

After filling out all the details, Apple news publisher team is going to review the application of your site and will send you an email once your application will get accepted.

Important info regarding Apple news Publisher:

Announcement made by Apple:

“We’re working on bringing you a brand new format you can use to create signature content for News. With Apple News Format, you’ll be able to create beautifully crafted layouts with custom typography, rich photo galleries, videos, and animations. Author once and News will optimize your content for all iOS devices. You’ll also be able to connect your existing content management systems to News, and get access to a rich suite of tools for measuring user engagement.”

  • To monetize the content of your website on “Apple news” you can use iAd. Revenue will be distributed in the following ratios:
    70%= yours and 30%= Apple.
  • If you are going to sell your ads directly, the entire revenue will be yours.
  • A “publisher”, a “blogger” or a “company” can make the submission of their (digital property) in “Apple news”
  • At the moment, Apple news is only accepting Englsh language submissions only. Your “RSS feeds” shall be full. To read more about it, you can click here.
  • For more details regarding Apple news, click here.

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