Are you aware that in comparison with Penguin and Google Panda updates, Mobilegeddon is the most “notable” one and the main reason behind this update is to promote (mobile friendly) sites in the results of Google’s search engine. What benefit? well, this such a big update is definitely going to give a lot of benefit to small and large businesses worldwide.

Learn How to Optimize Content for Google's Mobile algorithm

In accordance with this update, mobile friendly websites are going to rank higher by surpassing websites which are not mobile friendly. Trust me, if you are not having a fully mobile optimized website, you are missing huge amount of traffic from Google.

Length of your Headline:

You must keep your Headlines short and precise, so that it can fit in the screen of anybody’s mobile easily. If you are a Twitter user, you must be an expert in explaining everything with in 140 characters, considering which you can use your skills to shorten your Headlines.

Short and relevant paragraphs:

More the relevant and short para’s, more the mobile users are going to love your website, which means your summarizing skills are going to help you out in writing everything in few words without repeating stuff again and again.

Pictures and Videos:

Along with a decent amount of content, you can insert interesting and cool images and videos to attract more and more mobile visitors on your blog.

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Writing content for SEO purpose only:

Well, to be frank, if you are simply gonna write your content to increase the word count and use targeted keywords, this update is going to throw your website far away from visitors. So, be cautious in your approach.

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