Keep An Eye On Your SERPs

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The search engine results or SERPs facilitate monitoring of competition among the sites for the keyword phrases and only in case of optimization of these sites having link authority. It leads to find the ranking of your website using multiple keywords at one time. The density of keywords can also be checked on certainly preferred pages, the statistics concerning your most significant keywords could also be found.

The Process

You can go about it searching in Google, the keyword phrase in the form of quotes, to get the number of pages indexed for the particular phrase. The all in the title is used by the search operator operating in the Google to estimate the availability of pages competing by employing the phrase in the title. The third step involves division of pages competing in all in the title, and the Yahoo Site Explorer can also be used to monitor as well as estimate the incoming links connected with top 5 SERPs. The keyword phrases having the highest SERP concerning search ratios and displaying the biggest number of backlinks signify keywords that are most competitive. The next step involves the evaluation of the keyword optimization efforts related to highest five results. By evaluating the first page of the search results notes down the listings in, “Google One Box”, displayed in universal search. The term being popular, a keyword phrase becomes extremely competitive having a high ratio of SERP to search and in case the competition possesses link, the authority is optimized for that term. If SERPs gives out the blue links than ten in number which is standard and is stuffed with universal listings, as well as, some PPC ads, you might have a ringer and have to perform much to compete.

Advantages Of Keyword SERP Checker

It does not matter whether you are a blogger or a web developer, make sure that you use standard keyword tools to check and evaluate the rankings of a SERP website of the keywords being ranked. You may have some keywords amounting to 30 or 50 or even 100, and under the situation, the time and money intended to be invested in using Google search or keyword tools assume significance. The SERP keyword tool allows you to enter as well as save your keywords, competing domains, and the region negating the need of re-typing those keywords every time you intend to check the position of SERP concerning all your keywords. It also encompasses export function, which facilitates export, of results to excel. It leads to the checking of 100s of SERP results for some keywords and saves inputs as well as results. Besides drag and drop features tracking of performance is made possible by the provision of taking stock of previous, current and best SERP position. It is equipped with three domains competing to select from enabling you to visualize your rank in the country you have targeted.

The Steps Involved

The SERP checker is employed to track, check and graph top 100 results or to search the engine rankings for a variety of keywords and domains. The first step involves entering the name of your domain and choosing of the region if so desired but preclude ‘http//www’. Then in the next slot, the particulars of the competing domains are filled in and accordingly, the domain names of the competitor are entered. The green refreshes SERP buttons appearing on each row or check all Keywords’ button has to be clicked after the keywords are entered. After the retrieval of the SERP results, you are free to click on any of the rows and can utilize the up or down arrow keys to scroll the SERP results for your keywords. The name of the domain you are intended to check is input, and the region of the google is selected as a first step in using the SERP checker. It is advisable to stick to In case you want to compare your website with that of your competitor, you are advised to enter any three of them in the section of the computational domain. The SERP checker displays those in red if those have been found in SERP results. You should input your keywords that have the exact terms you may be making efforts to rank for. The keywords may be limited to a certain number and once the keywords are input to the circular green arrow may be employed to check the rank of your SERP page. The updating of previous, current and the best columns facilitates you to see the details about your ranking among the top ten sites appearing on that page on the right side. All your keywords may at once be checked if you press ‘Check all keywords.’

Sites to use to check your SERP

One popular site to use is, but there are others out there as well. You can also just load up Google and count yourself. Below is a screen shot of me searching for “webmaster blog” in Google. We’re at the top of page 3 currently, so our SERP for that phrase would be ’21′.

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