Its good to insert ads in the beginning, between and end of your posts. Google adsense normally allows 3 ads on one page of a website. There isn’t any default option in wordpress to insert ads where ever you want and this is where plugins help us to solve our problems.

You need to install plugin with the name of Quick Adsense first

How to insert ads between articles?

After installing this plugin, you need to click the settings button to insert adsense or any other affiliate ad code. Now, after clicking the settings button, it will take you to another page as shown int he picture below. We just need to use the highlighted 3 ads, the beginning one, middle one and the end one. Select Ad1, Ad2 and Ad3 as shown int he picture.

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How to insert ads between articles?

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After scrolling down the page, you will find options as shown in the picture below:

How to insert ads between articles?

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I have used a single code in Ad1 and Ad3 and haven’t used the middle ad, but you can make changes in it according to your will. However, do keep in mind that only 3 ads are allowed by Google on one page. Besides that, make sure that its alignment is center. Now, press the submit button located at the very end of the page. You will have to scroll down the page to find it.

How to insert ads between articles?


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Its all done! Previously, when I was not  inserting ads with in my articles, I wasn’t getting enough clicks and as a result, I was losing a lot of money, but after using Quick Adsense, The number of clicks on ads have increased rapidly and it also looks pretty awesome with in the posts. However, if you are going to blast ads all over the page, you will get penalized by Adsense, so, kindly do avoid that and keep the number of ads till 3 per page.

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