If you are passionate about your online earning and cannot write content, Youtube is another best way for you to earn money or fetch traffic on your sites via Video Marketing Online. Below are some very important points and some secret tricks for the management of Youtube account and videos.

Management of Youtube Account:

  • Use Zenmate Chrome Addon / Firefox Extension or free proxies if you can’t access Youtube in your country, Simply reset the modem to get a brand new ip at the time when you are making new accounts.
  • There isn’t any compulsion that your accounts should have to be PVA because most of the Youtube accounts are not PVA.
  • Old accounts are pretty much safe than the ones made yesterday.
  • Before uploading any video, play some videos and also perform other activities such as subscribing, commenting and liking.

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Management of Youtube Videos:

  • Don’t ever delete any comment on your video.
  • Make sure that you have not disabled the comments in videos.
  • Try using word “blacklists” to avoid bad comments.
  • Keep the percentage of likes, views and dislikes as 1000/50/5.
  • Try not to use words such as “crack and hack” in your description or title.
  • Create the video yourself instead of copying it from others.
  • Your videos should be of High Quality so that it passes the human moderation.
  • Create interesting, humorous and how to videos instead of making boring stuff.
  • Make sure that your video doesn’t contain any copyrighted music, instead you can use free music provided by Youtube.
  • Try getting few subscribers on each of your accounts.
  • Don’t you dare buying any views or traffic on your videos as it will result in an immediate ban by Youtube. Always remember that Youtube algorithm never tolerates that.

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We have shared the above mentioned tricks in accordance with our experience. If you know anything important that we have missed here, please add it in the comment section.

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Follow the above mentioned rules and you will get massive increase of earnings from Youtube. There are many people around the world, who are not good at writing, instead, they make funny videos, Howto videos, motivational videos and many others to earn their bread and butter. Well, its not just a bread and butter. Its a pretty decent income. Also keep in mind that there are more chances of getting clicks on your ads then on your website. in our upcoming posts,

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