In order to automate your business firstly you need to know what IFTTT actually is? So basically it is “If This, Then That” it’s an online method that creates a link between your smartphone, website, application and much more.

IFTTT has got so many uses but it plays a major role in marketing. With the aid of new and exciting recipes you can not only spy your competitors but also flourish your small business.

Following are the clever ways to flourish your small business:

1. Always keep an eye on your competitor’s website.

Competition is everywhere and there are certain software that enable you to get an official update whenever your competitors make changes in their websites. Along with spying your competitors’ website you also have to manage your own website and since all this is pretty much hectic, we do not want to you get messed up, thus, here is a simple recipe to manage your emails.

  1. Visit Here you need to enter one of your competitor’s website. Then, set how often you need to scan their page for update, then go to tiny trigger to keep an eye on the changes in content
  2. clever ways to automate your small business with IFTTTYou will then receive a confirmation email, using this email you can now create rules and regulations that will auto-archive their email and will mark them as read for your convenience. 
  3. Now you need to create an IFTTT recipe and enter trigger channel. 
  4. clever ways to automate your small business with IFTTTNow you have to set visualPing’s email addresses as a sender so that you can receive email.
  5. fieldsAfter all this you’re supposed to choose a notebook so that you can save and organize visuaPing’s emails. Try to keep different notebooks for each and every site you need to spy. This will help you to organize better.  

2. Organize and  archive emails from your competition

You need to scrutinize and analyze each and every email sent from your competitors very vigilantly and IFTTT can help you to do this without overloading your email. Check out the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to subscribe to your competitors’ email newsletters.
  2. Secondly, you need to set certain rules in your email provider so that your read emails can automatically be marked as read.
  3. Thirdly, you need to set up your email or any other email as your email trigger where you’d like to receive your email. 
  4. emailNow, you need to enter that email address from which your competitor is going to send newsletter. 
  5. triggerLastly, in order to create a notebook where you can organize your emails you have to select Evernote as your action channel. As you’d be having bulk of emails, organizing your material will prevent any haphazardness.  

Archive and organize emails from your competition

3. Monitoring the competitors’ blog extra cautiously.

Being a user of ecommerce, you must be knowing the importance of keeping a blog; as they are one of the best source of attracting traffic to your site. In a blog you tell your story and try to grab audience attention. Since, all this requires great amount of time and if you don’t have that much time to visit that then following steps can help you out.

  1. You need to use Page2RSS and create RSS feed for any blog. Copy the link of blog that you want to spy, right click the linked picture and copy it’s URL 
  2. Create your IFTTT recipe and select feed as your trigger channel. 
  3. chooseNow enter the RSS URL that you’ve copied in step 1 in feed. 


4. Simplify “Social Media”

  1. Synchronize your twitter photos to Facebook photos. This is one of the easiest and at the same time one of most crucial step. It will help you to update your twitter profile pic at the same time you are going to update your Facebook profile pic. 
  2. Post instagram photo as your twitter photo. For this you need to link your twitter account with your instagram app so that your instagram photos do not appear in form of link in your follower’s profile, but rather as a complete image. 
  3. You need to do your marketing using tumblr and instagram. It is not exactly marketing with instagram; rather through this you attract bulk of people using images that will enable them to buy your product. Following two method will help you to post your instagram photos or instagram liked photos to tumblr account. Moreover, to build and update is tumblr account is very simple, it’s no rocket science in it. 
  4. Now, in order to spread some positive aura and to encourage your followers to like or retweets those tweets that you found helpful throughout the week can be done be automatically generating follow Friday tweets that you’ve liked throughout the week. 
  5. Take this as a cardinal rule to run a business; always thank your client. Here in this case your twitter followers are your client. Never forget to thank then. Even a simple greeting like “Thanks for following” can make a lot of difference. But, do not rush. It’s too early to force them or to push them to buy your product. You need to work at a steady pace. 
  6. Collect tweets that praise your business. This will cause an influential effect upon those who are still struggling to make a decision on your business as it directly targets humans’ psychology and those tweets will somehow cast their shadow in the minds of those people who are still weighting the pros and cons of buying your product. Following is the way which will help you to search any tweet that has praised your product.
  7. Firstly, visit twitter advanced page; on this page you need to enter your business name, product and positive words as many as you can. 
  8. Now you need to copy the link that you’ve obtained by doing the step1 of this recipe. Then, plug this URL into Page2RSS; after that retrieve RSS feed URL that is been highlighted here. 
  9. After all this, you’ve use the link obtained from step2 to create a custom IFTTT recipe as your trigger channel. 
  10. To sort out your email create a notebook using Evernote. 

This way you will be able to have an automatically updated list of all the positive tweets on your email which you can use to grab others’ attention.

Above mentioned were the easy ways through which you can automate your small business. Do not forget to scan all the aspects and of course spying your competitors’.

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