Are you looking for a free email subscription service for your blog? Well, I am going to tell you that today in this post!

Check it out:

The name of that free subscription service is Feedburner. I am also using it on BloggingHeat, since the time it has started. Feedburner has been there for quite a long time now. It has been serving bloggers for absolutely no cost at all, which is a blessing for all the newbies in the field of blogging. As we all know, how important it is for us to keep our readers well-informed about the content updates in our website, Feedburner, does all that with an extreme perfection. What it actually does is that all the recent posts of your website will be sent to the people that have subscribed for your emails previously. As far as the website owners are concerned, this service helps them to build a pretty decent list of emails. Trust me, if you are able to get massive number of emails by the help of feedburner, you will be able to use it for many different purposes in future like:

  • To drive huge amount of traffic on your website.
  • To promote different products on your website.

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What kind of benefits will I get by using Feedburner?

  • You will be able to get huge amount of subscribers from Feedburner
  • You will be able to export the entire subscribers list in Excel sheet.
  • It allows you to customize the look of your emails
  • If you are having an Adsense account of your own, you can also add Google ads in your feeds.
  • Almost each and everything can be managed with the help of “feedburner dashboard”

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 How to setup feedburner on your website (WordPress or Blogger)?

1. To setup feedburner on your website, you need a blog & a google account. You can visit (Feedburner Home page) & login in it with the help of your Google account. You will land on the below mentioned page after getting logged in:

How To Setup A Free Email Subscription Service For Your Blogs!


2. Now, enter the “feed address” of your blog in the above shown field. Is you are using blogger, your address will look likes this: & if you are using wordpress, it is gonna look like this:

3.Once, you have entered the feed url, now you need to press the Next button and straight away, you will be taken to a page, where you can further setup the newsfeed and its name.

How To Setup A Free Email Subscription Service For Your Blogs

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4. After pressing next button, you will be taken to the new (feed url). Now, you can use this rss feed url anywhere you want because it will fetch
all the feeds of your posts from the (main feed).

5. After pressing the next button, in the 3rd window, you will get the options of the stats of your feeds as shown in the pic below:

How To Setup A Free Email Subscription Service For Your Blogs


6. You can choose any options that you are looking to “trace” or simply follow the screenshot image. Once, you are done, press the Next button and you will land on another page, where you will find many different things that you do with “feedburner. It all depends on you, if you really want to use all of them or not, if you don’t want to use all of them, follow below mentioned steps on how you can insert an email subscription form on your website.

How To Setup A Free Email Subscription Service For Your Blogs

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7. After activating your email subscription service, you will have to use the code of email subscription form in one of the widgets of your blog.By doing that, the code will simply embed the “feedburner-form” with in your blog. in the end, copy that embed code from 1st block in email subscription.

8. If you are using wordpress, you re just required to copy/paste the code with in the text widget somewhere at the front of your website because its good to have your subscription form int he most visible area. However, if you are using blogger, you will need to add (new gadget) in the section of layout. Remember, that widget should be (javascript/html).

Your subscription box is gonna look like this:

How To Setup A Free Email Subscription Service For Your Blogs

So, it all done! Now, whenever, any visitor will submit his or her email address through your subscription form, it will be added to your list of subscribers. User will just have to confirm their subscription and thats all. I will recommend you to mention a small note at the bottom of your subscription form that the (confirmation is mandatory).

How you can add a feed count?

There is a short code in the feedburner’s dashboard. You simply need to go to publicize->feed count & add it to (new gadget) or with in your website’s template. What it will do is that it will show the number of subscribers to your visitors.

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