In this article, I will be teaching you how you can sell SEO services on Fiverr without having any serious SEO skills. Well, I am not joking at all because its damn too easy!

Check it out:

Firstly, you need to make your username like these two to showoff in front of Fiverr visitors and act like a SEO genius


SEO services are always in demand on Fiverr because there are thousands and thousands of newbies out there that are looking to build their first ever website on the net and they hardly know anything about ranking and optimization stuff.

Description Of Your Gig:

You will have to keep your gig titles like this:

“I will do an in-depth SEO keyword research on your niche”

You can rewrite this above mentioned title, but using 2 below mentioned words are extremely important:

  1. Keyword
  2. SEO

Example gig description (You can rewrite it for your self or use the same one)

I am gonna look for the best keywords relevant to your business or niche!

A detailed report will be provided to you that will contain  list of all the top keywords with their (average monthly searches)!

Every single keyword will be having following things with it:

  1. difficulty to rank
  2. cpc earned
  3. competition

With the help of this report, you will be able to decide, which keyword you should select to make it RANKED!

This entire report will be having untapped keywords that will give you a lot of relevant traffic to your business or niche!

If you have any questions what so ever, you can simply, send me a message Asap!

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As far as the categories are concerned, you need to select online marketing->keyword research


At level 1, only three tags are allowed and at level 2, 5 tags. Tags that we are gonna use for our SEO gig are as follows:


Time duration:

Time duration is the key here. For our SEO gig, we won’t need more than 10 minutes, but its good to give at least 2 days time to avoid any kind of a problem. However, if you feel that you can deliver your order easily and you don’t have any power shortage or any other issue, the best thing you can do is to deliver your gig with in a day because Fiverr customers like instant deliveries.

Instruction for Buyers:

For this SEO gig, you need to write instructions like these: (Simply, rewrite these lines or copy it)

Kindly, provide me the website URL, a small description about what kind of services or products you sell, besides that, also give me some specific (keywords) that you want me to do a research upon. For instance, keywords that you are targeting.

Note: I also provide BACKLINKING and SOCIAL BOOKMARKING services to fully optimize your website.

Record a video for your gig:

Its normally seen that a gig with a small video introduction gets lots of customers, so you can speak out the following lines in a video:

Hello there, my name is Robert. I am exclusively offering this gig for just $5 on In this gig, I will be creating an (in-depth-SEO) report of your service, business, niche or a product. By doing this, your site will not only get good ranking on Google and other top search engines of the world, but will also help you to earn a huge amount of money. Believe it or not, SEO is not just about guessing few keywords and working on it. It requires an in-depth research to find out keywords that are gonna rank without facing any competition what so ever.

You can speak out the above mentioned lines on any power point presentation at the back or record your own video!

Now we are gonna use Free Keyword Research Tools to make a report of keywords that our customer wants us to find:

As I have already told you that newbies our unaware about free keyword research tools available on the net and they don’t know how to use them, therefore, you can simply find them a list of low competition keywords with their average monthly searches from any of the following tools:,,


Lets suppose, if your customer asks you to find keywords that are searched in United States, you can easily find it by using these above mentioned free keyword research tools.

You can also read an article on 6 awesome tools to find long tail keywords for any niche.

Work Submission:

After copying all the low competition keywords from the list, you can save it in an excel file and write down a small text that says: (You can rewrite it for your own use)

Hello friend! I have attached the list of low competition keywords on the basis of information that your have provided, In this list, you will find an average amount of searches in a month that people make for each and every keyword along with their average cpc (cost per click) and competition. After having a look at this list of keywords, you can write articles on your site accordingly.



If you are on level 2 in Fiverr, you can also provide backlinks as an extra gig. Well, in this gig, you don’t have to do much because you are gonna outsource the entire thing to somebody good at for $1.  To find backlinks related gigs on, you search “Backlinks: keywords on it and you will find many of them.

How to sell SEO gigs on Fiverr


To sort out gigs by price, you can click the button above.

Social services like Facebook likes, Twitter followers and other stuff:

There is no need to outsource social services because BloggingHeat now gives you an easy Trick to get unlimited Facebook fanpage likes, comments and Twitter/FB followers. However, if you still feel its a tough job, you can do the same what we did with backlinks.

We have also covered many other topics related to Fiverr:

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  1. mariana fernandez

    Cannot wait to upload my passion and get some cash for my freelance effort. Thanks a ton for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of freelancing graphics design. I vouch that I am the best freelancer that money can buy. You can expect prompt delivery within any deadline. I have posted my job profile at,,, and My quality work is available at a very low cost. Check me out.

  2. Steeve

    lol oh boy oh boy. I do appreciate the great read, but I tell you what… I’ve been reading a lot of great things about the business side of reselling SEO services…And let me tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…Why? Because it’s an EXTREMELY saturated market…and I mean EXTREMELY! After hearing so many great things about the money can be made from it I went over to BuyTurnkeyTemplates and bought a SEO reseller template that was prebuilt and ready to go. Months later, after countless nights of promoting my site and hundreds of dollars down the drain through PPC campaigns…I haven’t even made a penny from it.

    In conclusion: It’s not for the faint of heart. I’m sure good money can be made from it, but it will take a whole hell of alotta’ work. Good luck to you my friends… You’re gonna need it.


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