I was literally fed up of rumors and posts by different people on the incorrect information regarding (Facebook Custom Audience campaigns), which is why, I thought I should write on how can you set it up and what are the requirements.

Check it out:

Before starting, below mentioned are some questions that people normally ask:

1. Is there a chance of getting banned on Facebook, if we are gonna scrape emails or ids?

Not at all! Facebook is not gonna ban you for that. However, I will advice you to scrape with the help of dummy account to play safely.

2. Will you get banned for making use of (custom audience) in your campaigns?

Nope! The only reason of your account getting closed is that you people advertise stuff that is against Facebook TOS. To avoid it, you can simply purchase a domain name that relates somehow to your offer & do a (301-permanent) with the help of masking. (It works almost each and every time)

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You might be thinking that Facebook has removed the option to upload an ID, now what?

Yes that’s true, but instead of making use of ID’s, We now need to upload (@facebook.com-emails) which works, exactly the same way and there isn’t any need of an APP id for that.

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Here is the complete process:

Step 1: Upload your (Custom Audience)

Firstly, use any software to scrape the targeted audience, once you get it, add (@facebook.com) emails in it.

Click on Ads Manager–> Custom Audience

Facebook Custom Audience And Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Custom Audience And Advertising Campaigns

Step 2: How to setup (custom Audience Ads)

Following are three very important things that you will have to do at the time of setting your Facebook Advertisements:

1. Don’t try to advertise crappy stuff because its against the policies of Facebook Ads. If you still tried to do that, your account will get banned. You can make use a (masking from 301, redirect or build your very own sales/landing page & send traffic over there).

2. Always try 6 advertisements as its going to help you to find out, which ad works best for you.

3. Keep running your campaign for at least a week with one dollar/day. If you ask me why, well, this will help you to detect, which advertisement converts the most by spending few dollars only.

Now, go to–> Ads Manager–> Create Ad

Facebook Custom Audience And Advertising Campaigns


Facebook Custom Audience And Advertising Campaigns

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