Do you want your new Affiliate Blog posts to STAY at the 1st page of your Blog for some time? well! its damn too easy! Lemme tell you how to do it!

You are simply required to pin your post in a following manner to keep it at the top for as long as want!

How to Pin your Affiliate posts on your WordPress Blog

First of all, simply login to your (wordpress-dashboard) & click “all posts”, if you wanna pin any old WordPress post. After that open any specific post from them. Once, you reach at the editors-mode, look at the option on the right hand side named as “Visibility’ located along with “Public” & “Edit” options. The last thing you need to do is to press the option named as “edit” and then select the option that says ” Stick the post to the top”.

Its done! How simple and easy it was!

Check out the screenshot:


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