If you want to become famous on “YouTube”, you will have to be different from others. Furthermore, you will also need to express your love for your subscribers by sharing the most personal things with them. Once, you will become successful in connecting with your viewers & just be yourself, you are simply gonna rock!

By following the below mentioned tips, you can build a successful “YouTube Channel” & entertain millions of people worldwide!

Part 1 of 3: You need to create buzz.

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

1. Follow the culture in which you are living in:

If you are targeting pop culture or news items, you will have to get famous. Besides that, keep your self updated on all the subjects that are your favorite and try to create & upload videos regarding the breaking news as soon as possible. The reason of being really quick is that you never know when your video might go viral.

Also check:

2. Create parodies and (video) responses:

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

Take any famous video from Youtube and make a hilarious video response. Parodies and responses get popular quickly and is one of the best ways to get benefit from the success of other videos. When ever any person will look for that (famous video), your video is also gonna popup in front of them. Furthermore, the creators of these famous videos also love these parodies and video responses because they help them to get even more popularity.

-Make sure that you are using correct tags, so that your (video) does not get out of reach of your targeted audience.
-You can try making (autotune-version) of the famous videos to become hit instantly and increase your viewership.

Interact with your subscribers:

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

When ever anybody gets subscribed to your channel, don’t forget to thank them and try to know them (personally).

4. Try to collaborate (with popular Youtubers)

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

Contact the owners of these popular channels on Twitter or Youtube and convince them to create a collaborative “video”. By doing that, you will easily manage to make your image in front of the huge amount of viewers.

Beautify your channel:

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

-Use a beautiful looking background image.
-Update your description and channel art when ever you make new (videos).

Tagging your videos:

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

-Select relevant keywords instead of misleading viewers.
-Use specific and broad tags in order to get massive number of views. Also mention people that you think they might be interested.

Offer something exceptional to your viewers:

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

-Lets suppose, if your expertise are How to play a guitar, how to straighten curly hair, how wear a saree, How to use Photoshop, you can make videos on it.
-Give your opinions on the political news, cultural news, music and stuff like that.
-Tell jokes and make people laugh by funny actions.

Speak clearly and make a proper eye contact:

How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

Eye contact can help you to get attention of your viewers straight away.

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