Vlogging means Video blogging! This blog is mainly for probloggers, therefore I will not go more into what video bogging actually is.

Now, coming towards event vlogging, it works in a similar way as event blogging. If you want to learn about event blogging, you can check out this link. You simply need to play with the events like cricket worldcup, Football worldcup, Christmas, NewYear and other events.

Let me give you an example: Recently, there was a Football worldcup and what vloggers did was that they created videos targeting that event by making videos on the topics such as: Best goals of Worldcup 2014, etc. If you want to know when these kind of events are going to take place, you can check event calendars on the net any time you want and start making videos on that particular event at least 2 or 3 months earlier in order to rank them as soon as possible.

How to Make Money From Event Vlogging

These days, many people are working on event vlogging because they don’t like to write, instead they make easy videos and convert them in huge amount of money with in a very short time frame.

To learn, how to make quick videos, you can check out:

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This is all I have for you right now! Hope you will earn a lot by reading this small tutorial and will also give your feedback in the comments section.

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