What Will Google Think of your Autoblog?

The very first question that comes to our mind is how Google is going to react and can I get traffic on these kind of blogs or not?

Well, the answer is pretty simple!

Why the hell I should care about what Google is going to think?

How To Make AutoBlog With WordPress

I mean seriously, why?

In the eyes of Google, a website should do its best to provide what its audience wants. So, If you are going to setup kind of a (curated-resource) on any niche, will it not be good for audience? Obviously, it will benefit them.

How To Make AutoBlog With WordPress

Still, the truth will always remain the same.  If you are not re-writing on your blog, any search engine in the world will not love it in the starting at least, but after sometime, if your blog was able to attract people on social media, then this rude behavior of search engines will also change some how.

The main aim of autoblog should be to get:

  • Links
  • Social media buzz
  • Word of mouth
  • Email marketing
  • A good looking layout and presentation

 Can I be successful?

Look! people want to get all the cool stuff on one page, so why not select the best of the best by doing a research on what people are looking for and are crazy about. If you managed to create a sort of autoblog, which is having almost everything that a visitor is looking for, no one can actually stop you to earn huge amount of money without doing anything! yes, you read that right! I said, without doing anything.

Content is king!

How To Make AutoBlog With WordPress

We are actually following this saying by providing the most amazing and latest content to our visitors. The only thing that we want now is to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and all other top social media networks to make our content viral.

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Let me make things more clear to you!

Many people have now started to understand how beneficial it can be to share content of other people. Once, people gave you a title of “reliable-resource”, people will visit your site on a regular basis without doing much.

This autoblogging thing is kind of a job that museum curator has. He also chooses and picks the most vulnerable things to exhibit in front of people.

There are already many Feed readers available then How am I going to do something different?

Well, all those feed readers are pretty much boring and not that easy to set up. However, as far as Auto blogs are concerned, they are made with a beautiful theme and provides articles in an organized manner.

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How to make an Autoblog with WordPress:

There are many free and paid plugins available on wordpress that you can use to run your Autoblogs, but in this post, I will be telling you how to make use of Feedwordpress plugin.

Follow all the steps properly and start Autoblogging now!

Check out the video:

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