Have you ever thought about purchasing traffic for your website or a blog? Umm, lemme tell you guys how can you pay some of the top social media websites to get massive amount of traffic!

Before moving towards paid traffic, lemme tell you that when we started this blog, we received many questions from people like:

Shezz, shall we buy traffic for our blog or it won’t be effective?

I might have answered them no & told them to make use of guest posting, SEO and other organic ways to get traffic, but I didn’t because of the fact that things have completely changed with the passage of time. People these days not only post their daily routines on their blogs, but they are also working hard to keep people updated every single minute by providing them fresh content.

Organic traffic is no doubt one of the best ways to get traffic, but still, one cannot deny how important targeted traffic is for us. In last few years, social media websites have completely changed the way we look at advertisements.

However, always remember that wasting your money on buying traffic from cheap sources won’t give you any benefit at all, in fact it is going to hurt your website by generating fake traffic.

In this post, I will be telling you some of my tested paid traffic methods.

Hope it helps!


The very first in my list is Stumbleupon!

Stumbleupon provides a (self serving advertisement platform), where people can post their links, set (budgets) and start getting traffic from Stumbleupon. Isn’t that so simple? Trust me, it really is!

For brands and people who like to make an investment of $10k or more, for them, there are many other features in this cool social network website.

How to Get Paid Traffic

Secret Tricks to get huge amount of traffic from Paid StumbleUpon advertisements:

  • Always ensure that the content which you have shared is scannable.
  • The content which you have shared is visually inducing and appealing.
  • Insert a (stumbleupon badge) under your post to remind people to voteup.
  • Lists posts are extremely effective. For example, 20 best, Top 10.
  • Do note that Stumbleupon users are way too bored, Therefore, provide them something weird or amazing.

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Reddit Advertisements:

Reddit is the father of social media websites and some of you might not know that we can actually get paid traffic from Reddit.

Its named as (Promote on Reddit)

Its not that difficult to launch an ad campaign on Reddit because you are just required to select your target market on the basis of Sub-reddits. However, targeting does not have lots of options.

In accordance with my experience, I would suggest you people to first understand how Reddit traffic actually works and then invest on it’s ads.

You can make payments on Reddit through credit cards only and it takes as much as 12 hours to approve your campaign.

How to Get Paid Traffic


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Facebook Ads:

Facebook is the most preferred ways of getting targeted traffic on your website. I myself have used Facebook ads to boost my posts and get likes on my Facebook page in the past.

Despite of getting a lot of benefit from my earlier paid campaigns on Facebook, I regret that I should have invested on Facebook to get more and more traffic on my blog, instead of getting more page likes.

The reason, why I am saying so is that at the end, a Facebook page is gonna remain property of Facebook and can get removed any time they want. Hence proved, Its more beneficial to get traffic directly on your blog & then convert it in to email subscribers or via Facebook like box.

How to Get Paid Traffic


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Secret Tricks to get more traffic from Facebook Ads:

  • Make use of your (existing) email list to (target ads) only to specific people.
  • Make use of your (existing) email list to produce a (look-alike) audience set.{Which means that your ads are gonna show up to people having same qualities & interests present on your “email list”.
  • Facebook retargeting ads is the best way to target your content to those people that have visited your website earlier.


Our main aim to invest on paid traffic should be to convert it in permanent traffic by forcing them to subscribe to our email list or like your Facebook page.

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