You people might have used Pinterest, which is an image sharing social media website. Believe it or not, but it comes under the list of top social media websites on the net. Well! in this post, I’m not going to tell you anything about PINTEREST, In fact, we are gonna see how these kind of picture based websites actually work.

Normally, picture blogs use social media to get viral, but if talk about designers, photographers and other related professionals, they need traffic from search engines. Therefore, I am going to tell you the method of optimizing your picture blog in this post.

Do note that optimization of a weblog depends mostly on its text to get ranking. However, in picture blogs, this is not the case and we will have to deal with image optimization only. Trust me, Images can also provide us good referral traffic like we are getting on BloggingHeat.

Picture blogs are becoming extremely popular because people like pictorial stuff, instead of reading 1000 or 2000 words of articles. I mean just take an example of infographic, it explains an extremely complicated topic very easily with the help of cool pics and colors.

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On-Site SEO of a Picture Based Website:

Like all other text blogs, Picture blogs also requires a similar kind of search engine optimization. Always remember, to add text along with your pictures at the time of creating a post because even if you manage to write few lines in your post, it will do its work.

Now lemme tell you how these few textual lines are gonna help you in SEO:

Choosing a keyword for your image:

Normally, people who are having picture based blogs ignore keyword selection process, which is not the right thing to do. Also note that your post title should be having a keyword with huge amount of monthly searches, so that your post can rank asap.

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Number 1: Name of your image file:

You should use proper file-names for each and every image along with your keyword because Google search engine mainly looks at the names of your images, while indexing it. What people normally do is that they forget to change the names of their images and upload it with the names such as pic345.jpg, hhgut.jpg, etc. Do note that these names are not going to help you in anything. Therefore, you need to change your practice and use optimized names of the images that you insert on your blogs.

Number 2: Image ALT Tag:

The main use of Alt tag is to describe what image is about to the search engine bots. Therefore, it should be properly-optimized-phrase that carries keyword in it. It will better to use 140 characters alt tag to get good results. Alt tags are extremely important for normal text based blogs, but when it comes to Picture based blogs, it is a compulsion and you can’t survive without it.

Number 3: Text around pictures:

At the time of creating a post with pictures in it, do make sure to write text all around your pictures. Its not a compulsion, but I will recommend you to do it because when a crawler goes through these images, it checks image, alt tag as well as text written around it. One more thing that people normally don’t do is to give credits to websites from which you have taken those pictures from, so, please be aware of it.

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Number 4: Create an Image sitemap:

Create an image sitemap for your picture blog to optimize your blog images.

Number 5: Compression of your Image:

How to Do SEO of Image Based Website

As we all know how important the loading speed of a website is, therefore we need to compress our pictures. You can use SMUSHIT wordpress plugin to compress as much as 10 images at a time. SMUSHIT not only helps you to compress your images, but it also keeps the quality of those compressed images perfectly fine.

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Number 6: Number of images:

Don’t upload so many images on a single page as it will slow down the loading speed of your website. If you are on wordpress, you can install  WP fastest cache plugin & if there is a lot of load on your picture based website, you can also make use of (CDN) with “cache”. By doing this, it will  reduce the load on your server and will enhance your visitors experience.

Off-site optimization tips for photoblogs and picture based websites :

As we all know that social media websites like Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and many others can bring huge amount of traffic on picture based sites, besides that, you also need to focus on Ads layout, page speed and few other things.

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Before moving forward, I would like to tell you that a picture based site should have a good looking design with some important features in it like social share buttons and visible previous & next buttons on right and left hand side of the page.

How to Do SEO of Image Based Website

Number 1: Water Marking images:

You need to watermark each and every image on your website to drive huge amount of traffic. Watermarking comes in both Offpage and Onpage optimization and it is an important task that all the owners of image based websites need to perform. Watermarking helps to make your website look like a brand and people will avoid copying your images because of your watermark on it.

You can try using Watermark reloaded plugin for WordPress, with the help of which, you can automatically add watermark on all your uploaded images.

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Social media activities:

Connect your site with all the social media networks with the help of so many different plugins. This will allow people to share your stuff on their social media profiles. If you want to share your blog posts on various social media networks automatically, you can make use of Nextscripts, besides that, you can also add floating social share buttons on your website.

Give a facility of Embedding:

If its possible for you to provide an embed code in your posts, it will great because by doint that anyone can add that embed code on his or her website.


Publishing photos in a (regular sequence) will keep your website look fresh in the eyes of search engines. You can also schedule your posts to relax a bit.

Using photo sharing sites like Flickr:

Once, you have watermarked your images, you can upload them to photo sharing sites like Flickr and many others. By doing proper (license-attribution) on it, you can also get a backlink to your website with a huge amount of traffic.

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