As we all know that Google has recently taken an action against (Private Blog Networks), also known as PBN’s because of which, lots of search engine optimizer’s have stopped using it. I have personally heard many speculations regarding how PBN networks were actually work and found that they mostly contain extremely poor quality content and they also do not follow any rules or regulations to keep (Private Blog networks) private.

In an ideal situation, each and every domain is kept hidden from all others present in PBN & due to its design, it becomes very hard to find any domains that are forming the (network).

To create a PBN, you will require following tools:

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You will find Fresh expired domains on this site that have expired 24 hours a go.

Note: These are those domains that are not renewed by their owners.

After logging in to the account of, look for domains with following extensions:

  • .co
  • .cc
  • .be
  • .tv

Now, most of you people are going to ask me that why are you not using .com, .net and .org domains to create a PBN!

Well, to tell you the truth, most of the SEO experts are using these .co, .cc, .be and .tv domains, but they don’t want other people to use it because there is a lot of rush on .com, .net and .org extensions and now people have also started to rush .co, .cc and .be domains.

Believe it or not, these .cc, .co, .be, etc are also works the same to create PBN’s

The algorithm of Google has updated it self completely. For instance, previously, we created backlinks on one anchortext only to rank our keywords, but now there should be a natural profile of every anchortext to rank your keywords.

Also check:

You should also know that, .com, .net and .org domains are gonna cost you a lot and they are not availbale all the time, which is why we are making use of .cc, .co and other similar kind of other extensions.

Basically, Google wants a natural profile to rank any site and they check it with the help of some manual actions. Therefore, you need to make an extremely strong PBN, so that Google can never ever detect anything.

Alert: Do not create interlinks between your sites in PBN network

Now lets suppose, you purchased following number of domains from

  • .co = 3
  • .it = 2
  • .tv = 1
  • .cc = 2
  • .be = 2

10 Domains in 1 PBN network.

Sometimes, you will get domains in a day and sometimes, you will have to wait for weeks and even months, so, please don’t lose hope because you might not trust me, but I have ranked so many keywords by using PBN network created by the same method.

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Criteria of buying an expired domain:

  • That domain should be indexed
  • It’s PR should be at least 1
  • Its DA should be minimum 30
  • Its backlink profile should be Good (We’re gonna check it from aHrefs tool)
  • CF (Citation Flow) (We’re gonna check it from
  • TF (Trust Flow) (We’re gonna check it from

Now, in the next step, click on .co deleted domains on as shown in the picture:


After that, click “show filter” button:


After clicking “show filter”, scroll down the page and ctick “only new last 24 hours” from Listing Settings.


Scroll down the page further and you will find an option for “Adwords & SEO Filter”. Simply, write 20 in the section as shown in the picture below:


After applying all the settings shown above, click apply filter:


Once, you are gonna click Apply Filter button, all the available domains will appear.


  • Check the PR of that particular domain from
  • Check DA from opensiteexplorer
  • Check Backlinking profile from Afrefs (Its main purpose is to check from where the backlinks of this site are coming from. Are they coming from a single website, Are they coming from any chinese websites. If they are, you don’t need to buy this domain because its useless.

Now, check the trust flow and citation flow by using

  • Citation Flow should be minimum 15
  • Trust Flow should be minimum 15

After considering all these above mentioned factors, you can purchase your domains from any reputatable domain name providers like:

Normally, it takes 1000’s of dollars to create a PBN network, but by using, you can create your PBN network for even less than 500 dollars.


You need to keep your domains on seperate hostings that provides unique C class IP address like:

By using seperate hostings, you will be able to create natural looking backlinks.

Also remember that you should be having well researched low to medium competition keywords to rank it through PBN because if your keywords are high competition, you will have to increase the number of sites in your PBN.

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As much as twenty percent websites in the world use WordPress platform. However, you can also use many other content management systems along with a static HTML. Also change your default theme in wordpress and add pages like Privacy Policy, Terms & conditions, and About us sections.


To check traffic stats of your PBN site, you can use analytics, but remember that it will definitely leave footprint. Therefore, I advice you to create a separate analytics account for every site and from multiple providers.

Content writing:

Search engines always prefer sites that produce fresh content. You can produce at least 1 article in every 2 weeks to keep your site fresh.

Final words:

Creating a perfect PBN is a slow process because if you are gonna build so many links (to a brand new site), you will get in trouble. So, use a slow method.

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    thanks for sharing this wonderful, information, what if we can keep on writing 5 -10 blogs, pointing to ower website, from different root domain, Secondly instead of buying these pbn, we can have guest post, we would not be needing any further action, as the website, will be maintianed. So Does this mean we should use PBN when we cannot persuade people to have guest posts on their webiste, etc


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