If you question whether your Facebook ads get noticed or not? Or you wonder whether makings ads using power editor will make a difference or not? So the answer is; whenever you make ad using power editor you get more control over creative elements comparative to making an ad using Facebook manager.

In the following articles you will get an idea of how to make Facebook ads using power editor.

  • Start increasing characters in your headlines and text. This is indeed one of the greatest advantage of using power editor as it will enable you to write more text in ads which will ultimately aid you in getting more website clicks and conversions. Use of ”Boosted post” will enable you to write more words in text which is unlike regular type of ads where you get chance of writing 25 characters in headline and 90 characters in text.
  • ads-manager-text-limitedTaking the help from following picture you can learn how to write more text using power editor and get an opportunity in avoiding text limitation been by Ads manager.


  • Once you’ll began your campaign, you will notice that text limitations are not showing. 


But with the help of ad text, you can now tell a complete story regarding your topic.


  • Start customizing you’re your display URL area. This is one of the feature that you’ll find in Power editor. Now in order to utilize this space you have to think beyond boundaries to use this area better for your text description. You can also add a message about your product or tell the viewer’s when will deal ends.


  • Display URL is especially helpful when your URL is long. You can also make sure about the direction in which people are heading by adding real website address in display URL field. You can also use this to show the main URL i.e. the URL on which you want your clicks to head using Facebook ads.


  • You can also use display URL area to reinforce your call to action plus you can also highlight the sign up button. 


Also check:

  • You can also tag other pages in ads. This is yet another benefit of using Power editor as it allow you to tag other pages in your text. This not only increases the visibility but also make your ad look like a regular post. Needless to mention don’t forget to tag only relevant pages and of course complementary to your ad. This feature will also enable you to boost the page that you’ve tagged. By doing website click you also get the opportunity to optimize your goal and get the call to action button.


  • In order to tag a page all you need to do is to insert “@” which will be followed by page name in the text box then you can select it from down menu.


  • There’s also an important consideration and that is; as you all must be aware that most of the people does not know how newsfeed works outside Facebook so it’s not guaranteed that tagging a page will any further reach or not. However, on the other hand you can increase your reach by tagging it on an organic post. Also, you may be supposed to pay for your ads that stand out in those pages. 
  • You need to have an access to traditional Ad types. Power editor offers two types of Ads i.e. dynamic product ads and carousal ads and there are certain differences between these two types. Let’s have a look
  • Dynamic product ad: this type of ad will use your whole catalog of product plus your users’ browsing history to show more complex ads to them. In this ad you use your business manager which uploads your ad in the form of “.csv” file. Conversion pixel and basic template will be used by Facebook to show different products to each and every Facebook user. 


  • Carousel ad: this type of ad can display up to five product and it sets up directly in Power editor. It’s not like simply selecting a different images rather it’s more than that because your each and every ad will be sent to different and unique website where your ads will be displayed. Every ad will also have its own headline and description. It is advisable to use 600 x 600 pixels for carousel ad. This is also advised for a reason; as normal Facebook ad types (1200 x 628) usually get cut off and it look weird. 


Both kind of ads has their own benefits. On one hand dynamic product ad have shown more results for business which have multiple product as it shows larger image. However, on the other hand carousel ad can attract more people when right and suitable image is selected.

In a nutshell you will find lots and lots of ways to use Facebook as a strategy to promote your ads. Whatever you use always keep one thing in mind and that is to stay top on the trends and that’s the only way to stand out. Small even minor changes can contribute a lot and words do make a lot of difference; correct image and text will always attract people. Power editor also provide a lot of feature through which you can excel and increase your sale. Take your each and every step very vigilantly as your one wrong move will make you a loser and this may also affect your sale.

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