Planning is the key to everything. It gives you the ability to be consistent, and, in the case of blogging, the ability for your readers to know when to visit your blog to look for new material.

That makes creating the perfect blogging agenda for 2015 something that’s vital to the success of your blog, regardless of if your blog is a personal one or one focused on a specific topic of business.

To create that perfect blogging plan that will drive comments, views, subscribers and links back to your website, below is a concise step-by-step method that will allow you to draft a blogging plan that you’ll be able to follow.

Decide on a Frequency

The 1st thing you need to do while making a perfect blogging plan is to decide upon how frequently you will be able to post new blogs.

For beginning blogs and busy people, the recommended update frequency is 1 to 2 posts per week. If you’re able to post more or you need more material on your blog quickly, then you can increase the frequency as long as you stay consistent.

What Topics Should You Cover?

Your blog likely is capable of covering a number of topics that relate to your niche. For example, a blog about vacuum cleaners might be able to cover general cleaning advice. You might want to branch out to Spring cleaning or how to keep dust down in your home by cleaning it occasionally.

Decide what you want to post about ahead of time. This will help your posts stay focused without sounding redundant by having one related post after another.

Dedicate Time to Researching

Research is something that you should always do before and during the actual process of creating blog posts. It’s even more important in 2015, as search engines put emphasis on unique, user-engaging content.

By doing research on current changes in your blog’s field, you’ll be able to give your readers better information than the next guy will have. This benefits you immensely, as it makes your blog a leading source for updated information on something people want to read about and potentially share.

Schedule Ahead of Time

Modern blogging platforms like WordPress and Ghost allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. This benefits you because you can create a number of blogs in one short period of time and have them slowly trickle out over a period of something like months.

Even if you’re not keen on this idea, it can still be beneficial to schedule your blogs to be released at a certain time. This allows your readers to consistently know what days and what time to check your blog for a new post, which in turn fosters a strong blog audience.

Don’t Just Stop There

Blogging requires consistency and creativity, but that shouldn’t be the end of what you do. It’s important to remember that part of your job as a blogger is to respond to your audience and to involve them in your posts. So we want to know, what has helped your blog be successful?

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