While planning a new website, the most important thing you need to do is to choose a perfect looking domain, but as we all know that most of the good domain names have already being taken by other people, therefore you need to spend quite some time in selecting the available, memorable and easily typeable & succinct domain.

Following are some other important things that you need to look at while selecting a domain:

Brevity (It is good):

You need to keep it short always like if your business is related to selling cars & you’ve got huge amount of money to invest on a domain, you can purchase anything like “cars.com”.

If you can’t get short names, the best option would be to chop-off your (business name). For instance, if your business name is “Boston Candle Emporium”, you can purchase a domain name like bostoncandle.com, instead of bostoncandleemporium.com. In a similar way, (nocandles.com) should be preferred instead of neworleanscandles.com.

Do note that you and the people with whom you are working with are gonna use this domain name for so many times in conversations, emails, business cards and many other places. There fore, a small domain name would be an ideal choice for you.

You might have noticed the domain names like Google.com and Yahoo.com are not only easy to type, but people will also consider it again and again. However, a domain like freedeerfeed.ca will not be able to attract people by any means.

How to Choose a Great Domain Name

Find a (Memorable Domain):

Some domain names can easily be remembered in comparison with others for no: of reasons like:


People can easily remember single word phrases. For example, bostonlaw.com much better than using greaterbostonlawprofessionals.com.

A name that can easily communicate:

You have to wake up your readers by using names that can easily communicate like kickstarter.com, which is not only memorable, but also communicates what this site is actually about. Similarly, YourPreciousFurs.com can be a perfect name for a business of dog grooming because it sticks to the mind of people and at the same time is also a bit funny.

In a way, it should be (optimized) for humans:

Phrases that we commonly use such as the sandal shop can be turned into a domain “thesandalshop.com” rather than using theshopsandal.com. Let me give you another example. You need to prefer freeinsurancequotes.com over insurancequotesfree.com or insurancefreequotes.com because people normally say “I wanna get free insurance quotes”

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Should not confuse:

Many people make typo errors and some times also make intentional mistakes while failing to pronounce your company names because of which, they won’t be able to visit your website. To prevent that, you will have to spend some money on purchasing similar type of domains like if you are having a domain like getcandi.com, you also need to purchase getcandy.com.

.com’s are the champs and all other extensions doesn’t really matter a lot.

.com has a great bit of reputation in the online world and people prefer these domains over .net, .org and rest of other extensions. You might not believe, but even sites like wikipedia.org have also registered wikipedia.com.

One more negative thing is that lets suppose, if your site was having a .net extension and some one registered .com with the same name, you can lose a huge amount of traffic on your website because of that.

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