Are you guys doing a 9 to 5 job and still have plenty of time left to make some real good money?

Simply, do one thing..

Learn WordPress!

Whereas, If you are already a wordpress cheetah, buy a good looking domain and Hosting, offer partnership to any good writer and also a decent graphic designer.

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Thats all you have to do! Now, by making use of Google docs and secret Facebook groups, ask your partners to note down each and every thing that they are doing on a daily basis.

You might be thinking here, what if you are just a good writer, a good graphic designer or an expert of getting Google Adsense. Umm…you can also make your own teams depending upon what kind of human resource you’ve got!


Here comes the most important thing that I would like to tell you!.. Always remember that God is watching you all the time and if you really want to work on so many projects and earn thousands of dollars by working with a team, you will have to work fairly! Fairly in a sense that you must pay all your partners equally, no matter what happens..

How to build a team and earn thousands of dollars by working less than an hour on your blog

How are you gonna get Human resource?

Really? are you asking me how to find Human resource..Oh my God! These days, each one of us are using social media networks and its extremely easy to find people who are having different expertise. For example, LinkedIn and Facebook can help you to get the best of the best human resource from all around the world!

Rely more on automated stuff like making use of autoposters can help you to save a lot of time and do wonders for you!

What else you want me to know regarding working less and achieve more?

You can also use social locker to become popular with in a very short period of time. Besides that, making a facebook group and adding all the close friends of each and every partner can also help you to build your very own targeted traffic!

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