People should not consider organic traffic as the only traffic source available because there are many others as well. Social Media, these days is the most preffered source of traffic used by so many people because of its instant results. The notable social media websites that can provide your website a real traffic boost are Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit and few others.

Twitter is considered to be the 2nd most powerful social media network after Facebook. In accordance with social media marketers, Twitter can provide best referral traffic to your blog.

Now coming towards this article, I will be discussing some of my proven ways to build Twitter traffic.

1: Ask and you may receive:

Looks funny isn’t it? but it really works! You simply need to ask people to tweet your content. These people can be your readers, family members, blogger friends or someone close to you.

Lemme give you an example how to do it!

Once, you have written your article, at the end leave a message that if you like my article, or think it was helpful, kindly, don’t forget to tweet it!.

Below mentioned are few phrases that can be used by you at the end of your article to induce your readers to tweet.

How To Bring Traffic From Twitter

2: Provocative and Short Tweets:

As per analysis, short tweets get more results than longer tweets.

Also note, that you must make sense in those short tweets, otherwise they will be of no use.

My advice to you guys will be to make a list of some of the top posts of your blog, & tweet them by creating different tweets of less than ten words. After that, try analyzing, which one of them was more productive.

3: Making use of HashTags#:

Ever since these Hashtags have been launched, they have given social media a new life! However, they can only generate results for you if used properly, wisely and in accordance with the topic.

Hashtags connect you with other people interested in your topic other than your own followers.

Lemme give you an example! Lets suppose, if your post is about increasing traffic from Twitter, you can use hashtags like #Traffic, #Increasetraffic, #Blogtraffic, etc.

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4: Social Floating bar makes it easy to retweet:

Install free available social floating bars, enabling your readers to retweet your posts without wasting time and using any other tool. Furthermore, social icons can also be added at the top and at the bottom of your every article to make things more easier.

5: Ever-Green-Content:

Article written at the perfect time can become easily viral on almost any social media platform, However, they will die as soon as the new thing appears in the market. Considering that, you should focus on creating ever green content. These ever green articles are not only going to give you social media traffic, but they will also give you a a decent boost in search engines.

How To Bring Traffic From Twitter


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