If you are lucky enough to get approval from Google news team, it will be no more than a dream come true, but trust me, Google news have got some really strict rules that we need to follow first. No matter who you are, you can submit your website on Google News and get incredible amount of traffic straight away!

Check it out:

Google News wants you to

  • Write unique content with timely news publishing.
  • The format of your site should look way too professional.
  • The complete information of authors that are writing on your site is necessary and many other things mentioned below:

1. Always publish unique content:

Google is simply not going to list your website on Google News, if you are gonna copy stuff from other sources.

To create unique content, you can install Feed Notifier to stay updated with your favorite websites and also use social media channels such as Reddit, Twitter and Google Plus.

2. Make use of titles that describe topics of the news properly:

How to Add Your Site to Google News

  • Titles must contain two to twenty two words & should also consist of important keywords about the news.
  • Write down your titles in bold characters above the articles that you have written. (News style format).
  • Always try to write different titles in comparison with other news websites because there is a chance that Google News might filter your content and if they found that you have used same titles that have already been published on other websites, they are not going to approve your website.
  • For instance, if there is a news regarding a sports win:

USA won a Gold medal in World Tennis championship (Already published somewhere else)
USA managed to win a Gold medal in World Tennis championship(You should write like this)

 3. Write reasonable amount of content in your news:

3. Create considerable length of posts: Google News prefer content with 250 or more words, besides that a post should also be valuable for the readers.

Google News prefer content with 250 or more words, besides that a post should also be valuable for the readers.

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 4. Google news like website’s that are having multiple authors:

How to Add Your Site to Google News

How to Add Your Site to Google News

How to Add Your Site to Google News

  • Normally, big companies and organizations hire a team of professionals to keep their content updated on a regular basis. However, if you are working alone, you can create multiple profiles on your wordpress to make it look like a proper organization.
  • Also add (bylines) under each articles to display the name of its author with exact date when the article was published.
  •  Create a specific page to display (short biographies) of each and every writer along with their pictures. Check out our About page: http://bloggingheat.com/about

5. Keep generating news on a regular basis:

Google news look for sites that update news on a regular basis.

Post at least three fresh news articles/day to fulfill Google News requirements and before submitting your website to Google News for approval, you should have at least hundred articles on your site. By doing that, your website will look like a dedicated News website.

6. Display only those images and videos on your site that are relevant to your content:

How to Add Your Site to Google News

By using videos and images, you can grab readers attention and also make your website look attractive.

7. Insert Ads on your (News website):

Inserting Ads on your news website will prove that your website does get good amount of traffic. However, massive no: of ads will make your site look malicious in the eyes of Google.

8. Contact us and About us page are extremely very important to establish validity of your company or an organization to readers as well as Google News:

How to Add Your Site to Google News

Provide contact details of all the writers and editors like email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers.

9. Select a professional layout or a template for your site:

How to Add Your Site to Google News

Your website layout should be of a professional looking news websites like Techcrunch, BBC, Reuters and many others.

10. You need to make some important changes in your Webmaster settings for Google News:

How to Add Your Site to Google News

Create unique (URLs) for every article, so that they can properly get indexed by “Google News.” Google News only identifies those URLs that contains maximum three digits because there is a chance that it might consider it as a year if 4 digits are used. For instance, you used 2010.

11. Finally, you need to submit your site to Google News for an approval

How to Add Your Site to Google News

  • Open https://support.google.com/news/publisher/answer/40787?hl=en and press “send us link” to open the website submission form of Google News.
  • Provide all your site details that are required.
  • Press submit button at the end and you will get a notice by Google News with in seven days after submission.

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