Today, I will be telling you our secret trick to sell books on Google Play Store!

The advantage of making use of Google Playstore to sell your books is that it doesn’t require any (exclusive rights) to sell the digital version of books. To be more clear, you can sell the book that you are selling on Google playstore on any other (marketplace) as well.

Furthermore, Google Book Partner Center “dashboard” also helps you to perform many other tasks like:

  • Change prices in accordance with country to country.
  • Get an accurate analysis along with the sales report of your book.
  • Manage tasks related with the promotional activites of your book.
  • Offer a free .pdf version (of your book). However, this can be good for some books only.

If you also have your very own ebook & you are already selling it on other market places, you shall consider listing your book on Google Play Store as well.

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How to get started with Google Play Book?

  • Firstly, you need to check whether Google Play Book allows your country to sell books on it or not. To check it, you can click here.
  • The next step is to make a Google Books Partner account by clicking here. After that, accept all the terms and conditions when you open your dashboard, press the Book catalog button & finally click (Add new book).

How to Sell your Book on Google Play Store

  • After performing all the steps mentioned above, you will be asked for an ISBN number, however if you are not having one, simply click “This book doesn’t have an ISBN or other identifier”.

How to Sell your Book on Google Play Store

  • In the next step, add your book’s title along with description, author’s description and sub-title.
  • Then upload your book. To learn more, click here to view the help guide and other uploading requirements. Book can be uploaded in .epub and .pdf formats.

How to set the price of your book in Google Play Store?

Pricing is the most important thing that you need to consider while selling your books on Google Play Store because it can impact your sales a lot. To look at the pricing of the top selling books, you can click here. This is just for the sake of giving you an idea regarding how much price you need to set for your book.

Meta data setting’s:

After pricing, this field is also extremely important as it will help people to find out your book easily on Google Play Book store. To read more about it, you can click here.

Note: A book can also be offered for free, if you want. To do that, you need to go to MetaData settings, make use of 100% in the preview settings & under (preview details), choose (PDF download allowed).

  • Once, everything is done, you can press the next button & publish the book! Remember that your book can be published only on Google Book Store or on both Google Book store as well as Google Play Store.
  • Your book will be available and live for download or purchase with in few days time.


This option can help you to promote your book. You can also consider it as a (Free-marketing-tool).

Payment Center:

Payment details must be specified & you can also select the option (hold your payment). The best thing about payments in Google Playstore is that the threshold here is as low as one dollar!

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