The (URL) structure of a website is an extremely important part of search engine optimization, however many people don’t give it much importance. If you are thinking that inserting keywords in the URL is the only thing important then you are completely wrong because there is much more than that.

How To Optimize the URL of your webpage

When we talk about (URL-Structures), things that come in our mind are keywords, URL length, special characters, sub-directories & how it effects the traffic and the search visibility.

Lets elaborate each one of these above mentioned things:


A URL Length of your post is not going to change the game completely in “search engine rankings”, but still we should use it in a correct manner. Remember, I am not trying to say here that you should not use (long-URLs) because they don’t rank that well, they do, but not much.

Furthermore, a short URL will also be easier to memorize.


Sometimes, URL’s do contain Sub-Folders/Sub-Directories, but you should not have them to maintain the aspect of user friendliness of your website. Things should be as simple as it can be to get more and more (direct traffic).

Besides that, also make sure to name the uploaded images properly, enabling them to be readable and way too decent.

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Inserting keywords with in the URL of your post has become one of the declining factors in search engine rankings these days because Google’s algorithm is now giving more importance to other factors. Considering that, while creating URL’s of your posts, don’t try to overload them with keywords.

Whereas, if keywords are coming naturally in the URL’s, it won’t hurt your site a lot.

Using Special Characters:

Using special characters makes it extremely difficult for search engine crawlers to go through on your website. Therefore, you should not use them ever.

Can you please tell me what kind of special characters you are talking about?

Well, lemme give you an example!

You should be using dashes instead of underscores, other than that instead of leaving blank spaces like:
‘Autumn sunset’, you should better write ‘autumn-sunset’.

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