SEO (On-Site) & (Off-Site) shall be applied:

Firstly, you should think about the SEO of your site, instead of Domain Authority. In accordance with Moz, in order to improve the domain authority of your site, you need to work on On site as well as Offsite SEO. Optimization of the website’s SEO lay’s the foundation and performs extremely important role in the improvement of domain authority, considering which, you need to look at keywords, headers tags, Image Alt Tags, Meta Tags, organization, site structure, navigation, proper title tags & many other vital aspects of off site and on site SEO.

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Write as many quality articles as you can:

Content is the king, however if you are thinking that simply by increasing the amount of articles, you can win the race than you are doing a big mistake because Domain authority is only improved if you have produced quality content that people are reading, sharing and searching as well. Furthermore, Google hates duplicate content and considers it keyword stuffing, therefore always try to avoid it.

Tips and Tricks to create quality Content:

  • You can make use of research tools and Google Trends to get the info regarding whats viral and hot at that particular time.
  • Write Howto guides.
  • Write 101-Guide about anything.
  • Publish the interviews of some of the big names in your field.
  • Write reviews on latest technologies or upcoming technologies.
  • Compare products of two different companies by writing about their pros and cons.
  • Create a SEO and human friendly post.
  • Eye catching and interesting pictures should be present in your post.
  • Info graphics can also be added to grab the attention of your readers.
  • You can add a relevant video with in your post.

All these above mentioned ideas can help you to easily create a viral post and get lots and lots of backlinks.

Getting Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks is also one of the most valuable tool used for the improvement of the domain authority of your site. Huge no: of backlinks are definitely going to boost your website’s domain authority, but do keep in mind that you should only prefer High Domain & Page authority websites. Other than that, always try getting backlinks from different (High authority sites), instead of 1 or 2.

How to get quality (Backlinks):

You can make use of commenting, Guest Blogging, posting on High PR forums(relevant to your site) on a regular basis, bookmarking your site on various social bookmarking sites.

Do not avoid Interlinking:

Are you aware that why Wikipedia has got the domain authority=100? Well, its just because it has got huge amount of interlinking in it and it is way too well organized. Interlinking not only helps you to increase the domain authority of your site, but it also optimizes your posts according to the search engine.

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Other core benefits:

  • Helps to index pages faster.
  • makes it easier for crawlers to go through on your website.

Tips for perfect Interlinking:

  • Don’t interlink the same article two times in your post.
  • Keep in mind that your interlinks should not exceed (100) links/page.
  • Keep a balance between interlinks and external links within your posts.
  • You can also make use of auto interlinking plugins.

Remove Spammy Backlinks on a regular basis:

After the arrival of Penguin and Google Panda updates, the search engine optimization of (backlinking) has changed completely. Considering which, you shall remove spammy backlinks on a regular basis to avoid any kind of a back fire from Google’s algorithm.

Tips to remove (spammy) backlinks:

You will have to go through all your backlinks to look for spammy ones & after finding them, make use of Google’s Disavow Tool to remove them. It might be hard for you to do this entire process, but trust me, its a compulsion if you want to get high domain authority.

Social Signals:

As mentioned earlier, social Signals also perform very important role to increase domain authority of a website. At the time when Google and Moz determines domain authority of your site, they consider the amount of shares your content have got on different social media platforms. Which means, more the content gets shared, more there will be an increase in your domain authority.

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Key points to consider while optimizing your content in accordance with Social Media:

  • Make use of social sharing buttons on your website.
  • Share your posts by yourself on different social media platforms.
  • Write on topics that get viral easily and share it on social media.

Relax & wait till your (Domain Age) grows:

After applying all the above techniques, the last thing you should do is wait wait and wait, in order to see a decent amount of increase in your domain authority.

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