Getting feedback from readers is an important thing for every blog. If the reader gives good comments then the blogger gets motivated. Yeah! comments tell the engagement of the article that you post. Well, I know you also wantย to get more comments on your blog.

Always make sure comments are enabled on your blog. I have seen many bloggers are getting traffic but visitors are not commenting. This can be a big issue. Today, I am gonna show you how to get more comments on your blog. These tips will help you to encourage your visitors. So, they would start commenting on your blog.

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Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Okay! let’s start the article. Here are the tips that I think will help you to get more comments on your blog.

Believe me, if you would follow all of these tips then there is a big chance to get results within a few days. It also depends on the traffic you get. If you’re getting higher traffic then you will get more comments. Anyhow, let’s share the tips with you.

Write The AWESOME Content

First rule of blogging is “Content Is King“. Users visitor your blog for content. If your content is good then I can bet you will receive love from your visitors.

First of all, write the content that will solve user’s problems. As you HOW-TO articles are most converting, so, they solve user’s problems. Your first aim should be posting How-To articles.

Make your content more interesting. User don’t read every line of the article. In fact, visitors are just like scanners which read the content that came into their eye first.

Open the dashboard of your blog and analyze every post. Ask yourself the question “Is it good?“. Read the articles like you are the visitor.

Ask a question in the article

This tip is really effective. Questions make an attraction with the visitor. If you would ask a question at the end of your article then there is a great chance to get answers in comments. You can ask any question related to the article.Sometimes, people ask the readers to share their views in the comments. Well, this is also a good technique.

Sometimes, people ask the readers to share their views in the comments. Well, this is also a good technique. Now, it’s up to you which question make your readers comment on your blog. Keep in mind, the style of asking a question also matters. Ask the question in such a great manner that visitor will feel that a part of the article.

Reply To Every Comment

Never left a single comment un-replied. Whenever you get a comment on your blog, leave a reply to it. It does not matter how much short or long the comment, you should reply according to the comment that user leaves.

If you will reply to every comment then this will indicate that you’re are an active blogger and people would love to comment on your posts. This will also encourage old or returning users.

Do you know? bloggers like Neil Patel, spend their a lot of time in just replying to comments on their blog. I have also seen many professional bloggers who spend a lot time for their readers.

Make it easy to comment

Sometimes, the difficulty of design can make the reader leave your site. Always try to improve your design or blog theme.

First of all, make your comment form easily to use or submit. It should be clean and users can easily comment.

The JetPack plugin on WordPress has a comment form feature which is really awesome and user-friendly. I think you should give it a try.

Bonus Tip: I think JetPack is a must-have plugin for every WordPress user. It has the features that supercharge your WordPress blog to the next level. Installing JetPack will als save your time and resources.

Avoid Captcha on comments

Captchas waste the time of the visitors. I think captchas are a roadblock between you and your users. If you ask me then I also hate to solve captchas. I know captchas are helpful to avoid spam but they spoil the user experience. According to me, no one will dare to comment on your blog if you have captchas enabled.

I know you are confused, disabling captcha would make your blog spam and enabling captcha would not give you a single comment. Then what to do?

I have the solution. First disable the captcha on your blog then moderate the comments. Means, every single comment should be approved by the moderator. This will avoid spam on your blog and users will easily comment without any captcha.

I recommend to use Anti-Spam plugins like Akismet to prevent comment spam on your site. Akismet will help you to avoid spam without any CAPCHA.

Use Commentluv plugin

Commentluv is a plugin which rewards the readers with a backlink when he comments on your site. I have seen that many sites which have Commentluv enabled are getting more comments than the other sites.

Using commentLuv will really increase your comments because readers never reject a backlink for free. ๐Ÿ˜›

That backlink would act as a reward for commenting on your blog.

One more thing, sometimes readers post spammy or too short comments in the sake of backlinks. So, always review the comments and then approve them. This is the disadvantage of having CommentLuv plugin.


Getting comments is every blogger’s happiness. Actually, we get motivation by reading the comments of our visitors. I think it also depends on the traffic you’re getting but if you would follow above-mentioned tips then I think even low traffic blog would also get comments.

well, I have shared you a lot of tips about how to get more comments on your blog. Now, it’s your turn to use them on your blog. It depends on you, how you write content and then how you encourage your visitors to give feedback.

If you got more comments then feel free to share with us in comments. We would love to hear from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy blogging!

This is the guest post by Abdul Haseeb from Blogging House, a blog which provides resources for blogging and SEO. Haseeb is a professional blogger and a web developer. He loves to write content for his readers.

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