These days, everyone wants to earn money online, but it’s not that easy but here at BloggingHeat, we make things easier for you!

First:  You need to have clear concepts about your Field, in which you are going to do your online business.
Second: You need to work really hard and also do a lot of research.
Third: Most important thing is investment.

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In this case study, I am going to share a tool or in my language, you can also call it a Game for online Earners.

Main idea behind this game is:

“Play for others and get for yourself”

Each and every activity in this game is original. You will perform activities for others and others will pay you back in the form of similar activities.

The name of this tool is LINK COLLIDER.

You can get unique visitors on your site, get FB Likes, Twitter Followers, Pintrest Followers, Youtube Views and (according to my Experiment) Fiverr orders as well.

Screenshot_10You can also create back links, generate Unique articles, keyword research and many other things.

SEO Tools

It will provide the data on which you will have to perform activities for others and on the other side, your data will be in circulation to get your desired results.

Every single activity require tokens in specific quantities and to get those tokens for free, you will have to like FB pages, follow the twitter accounts, visit different sites, and do many other activities.

In a similar way, other people will do same things and you will get the results.

You will also find an option to submit your site, YouTube Channels, FB Pages, twitter accounts and many other social media platform links.

Simply, collect the tokens by performing activities for others and those tokens will be used to promote your own product.

secret trick to get traffic

free method to make backlinks

Believe it or not, this game really works!. Here are some of my results:

Secret trick to get more traffic


facebook likes trick

SEO Tools:

You can create back links, generate unique articles and also do keyword Research with the help of 150 token.

how to make backlinks free

Free Article generator

Fiverr Earning Trick:

You just need to create Fiverr gigs on any of these tasks and earn huge amount of money from it!

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