You can earn huge amount of money with Facebook Fan Page, if you are aware of List Building and CPA. This cool method creates a fanpage & makes a “viral-traffic-cycle”. I have seen examples where some friends even earned around $1000+ USD a day after getting traffic from targeted regions.

Note: You will need to make proper planning with proper investment to gain huge amount of traffic. Do note that it will only pay you back, if you will start getting viral traffic. Trust me! its not that easy at it seems!

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Check it out:

You will only need following 4 things to run this campaign:

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Event hosted on Fan Page
  • A Landing Web Page.

How to Create an Event Campaign?

  1. Simply, login from your Facebook account. I recommend that you should use a fake facebook account because there is a chance of getting disabled afterwards. You can use this trick to create Unlimited FB PVA Accounts.
  2. If you don’t have a FanPage targeting to your niche, create it where we are going to offer Event or Giveaway to fans (an electronics / gadget related page is preferred). For example: “iPhone 5s“. If you going to start with a new page, use PinkHat Strategy to get FB Fans really fast.facebook page
  3. Offer any gadget or an attractive item in it like iPhone, iPad, Headphone in event (Example: iPhone 5s Giveaway Event).facebook page event
  4. Create a New Event on your page and ask your fans to complete the steps to enter in an iPhone Giveaway!.
  5. Upload a good looking picture of the product that you have offered and write a descriptive text in the Event Page.
  6. Make your event page viral using following methods.
    • Force people to like, share and invite at least 30-50 friends on their Facebook profile, if they really want to win.
    • You can also use other Social Medias to make it viral
    • Use AddMeFast Bot Suite to boost event social shares.
  7. Create a landing page where all the participants will fill a form with their Name, Email, Address & also a Submit Button. You can create stunning free HTML submission forms at Our main aim here is to make our event go viral, but for that purpose, we need people to invite their family members and friends and those friends starts inviting their friends. More the people will invite, more the event will go viral. For monetization, you will have to make a landing page that should look legit by all means along with a form that includes, name, email and address blanks on it. You also need to use content locker on that
    particular page.

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  1. Alright, now I have directed people towards my landing page that consists of French offers because they convert real quick with a content locker. However, all the offers are not from France because some people are also from Netherlands and many other countries. You can monetize it with following 2 ways.
    • Survey can pop up after clicking submit button.
    • Collect email IDs and send them different offer links like “You have not won iPhone 5 from giveaway but you can get it here “YOUR CPA OFFER LINK“. You can use any CPA network offering Content Locker like AdscendMedia, but make sure you don’t use any blackhat technique with these networks because CPA networks are against any kind of edited / modified stuff promotions.
  2. Send as much traffic as you can on the event. Increase your fans and repeat the entire process again.
  3. Enjoy unlimited earning.

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It all depends on you, which niche you use! Do try it and give us your feedback like you always do!

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