In the past, Google did made it clear to everyone that it views all the websites in a similar way as a normal visitor views. Yes, you are reading that correctly! It also views all the JavaScripts and CSS codes present on your website and this is where, most of the sites fail to attract Google crawlers because these crawlers are unable to view the website content.

Now, lemme give you an example!

Lets say,

  • If your content is having a social content locker or any other similar kind of a plugin.

How Does Google Treat Hidden Content Within A Website?

It may give a hard time to Google crawlers because your content gets completely hidden by using these kind of plugins.

However, the buttons like:

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How Does Google Treat Hidden Content Within A Website?

also works in a similar way, but they do get index.

Technically speaking, if Google was to view content just like we do, these posts shouldn’t have got indexed..

Now, coming towards what Google has to say on this issue:

Google is definitely going to crawl all your text, links and almost everything present on your site!

In accordance with Google: general this is something where if the content isn’t really visible, then it’s really hard for us to say whether or not it makes sense to put a lot of weight on the content. And it doesn’t really matter if it’s a video, if it’s a link or if it’s images, this is essentially something that has been the case for really long time now that if this is really important and relevant content, then make sure that it’s actually visible.

We would also like to hear your thoughts on this issue!

Kindly, do let us know, if your website is facing a similar kind of a problem and Google is not indexing it because of this reason.

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