Whitehat backlinks perform a very important role to get top ranking of keywords in Search Engines. As you are already aware about the importance of OffPage SEO Backlinks, today, we are going to introduce our new Backlinks Tool, which will help you to easily search most relevant blogs/forums for you.

Top SEO Gurus also using this manual SEO technique

Check it out:

1) Go to BloggingHeat’s Official Backlinker Tool ( http://bloggingheat.com/backlinker)

backlinker tool


2) Type your keyword and select link type that you want to create from the list and then press the “Search” Button.

keyword backlinks


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3) By doing that, you will see the required filtered results. Check if these results are in accordance with your Niche/Keyword or not and then open it one by one.


select backlinks list


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4) Type any real or Fake Name/Email, enter your post link that you want to rank and type any natural comment relevant to the post where you are commenting.

add backlinks

Don’t forget to complete the human validations: CAPTCHA codes, if it requires to confirm that you are not a spammer.

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5) The approval ratio is 40%, so, keep creating backlinks following the same way to get success.

backlinked created


We will add more footprints in our tool, so you can build backlink’s in more platforms. I myself using this technique, since many years and have ranked the most highly competitive keywords in a very short time span.

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I am a Web Solutions Researcher and an experienced blogger since 2007 having number of world famous blogs with professional team of different online fields working for me. I love to share my ideas and research and help newbies.

12 Responses

  1. RaaJa201

    Once again.. Amazing trick.. Loved It.. Going to use it 🙂
    Thank You.. Keep up the good work Bhai 🙂

  2. Ehtisham Ali

    Great tool (y)
    How to create footprint, please guide about this or any logic about this, i am very thankful to you 🙂

  3. ipsw

    Sir, how can i use baclinkertool…..after adding keyword or find for blogs….there is no visible search option. it is not able to work….is this a software? how can we install .it .u have no given any option of install.. please tells us that how it is able to work?

  4. Joshua Wine

    I love the idea but it just comes across as kind of spammy. Why don’t the google bots mark these as bad links? Is the .edu all they need?

    • Shezz Amin

      Google need natural backlinks and this is the most powerful technique I use my self to rank any site slowly but long terms.
      Most folks simply build whatever links whenever and post them wherever. This is wrong and can lead to site penalties that won’t rub off for months. Short term gains can easily translate into long term failures. So be very careful (or YOU suffer the wrath of the Big G).


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